On The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi

A character of Belushi's extreme was an embodiment of the energy and will of the 1970s. And American show business can be so glamorous, full of fun, even inspiring. Belushi could have been, should have been, one of those comedians whose work was measured in decades, across generations. But it wasn't. Why? What happened? Who was responsible, if anyone? Could it have been different or better? Those were the questions raised by his family, friends and associates. Could success have been something other than a failure? The questions persist. None the less, his best and most definitive legacy is his work. He made us laugh, and now he can make us think. 

A bright star that flashed too quickly, John Belushi died of a drug overdose on this day in 1982.

originally published on The Minot Voice: March 5, 2015

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