iMagicon brings big names to Minot in April

Minot’s celebration of fandom is back in 2023 for its 9th year. Imagicon will take place April 28-April 30 at the Auditorium, and if you want to get chummy with Cliff from Cheers, you’ll have your chance. John Ratzenburger, the actor known for knowing it all on the popular sitcom as well as voice rolls

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Regina Making the Most of Winter with New Full Moon Festival, Suds & Sweaters, and Frost Festival

How do you take a new music and arts festival to a cosmic level right out of the gates? Schedule it in conjunction with a full moon, and build up to it with quarter moon and half moon celebrations. The Winter Moon Festival premiered last week in Regina; the focus of the multi-venue event music,

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2023 Governor Awards For The Arts Selected

Gov. Burgum has selected the recipients of the 2023 Governor’s Awards for the Arts. Individual Cultural Heritage: Bill Lowman, Sentinal Butte, Nonprofit Arts Organization: Empire Arts Center, Grand Forks Individual Achievement: Pieper Fleck Bloomquist, Grand Forks Champion for the Arts: former state Sen. Joan Heckaman, Dickinson For-Profit Arts Organization: Makoché Recording Studios, Bismarck Arts in

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Swedish govt moves to get rid of permits needed for dancing

Our friends in Sweden are two-stepping into 2023, and if the law changes as it’s expected to, they won’t have to get a permit to do it. Swedish law has long required bar and restaurant owners to get a permit if they wanted to let patrons dance, but it looks like that’s going to change.

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ND State Fair Releases Line Up

The North Dakota State Fair is taking a drip approach to releasing the grandstand entertainers for the 2023 fair. Eric Church was announced late last year; several more acts have been released in the past day. The line-up so far released includes: Jelly Roll, Saturday, July 22 Eric Church, Sunday, July 23 Whiskey Meyers, Thursday,

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Hills, Highways, & Skyscrapers of North Dakota Opens Tomorrow at The Taube

An exhibit of North Dakota Landscape photography opens tomorrow at the Taube Museum of Art. Hills, Highways & Skyscrapers of North Dakota features (mostly) black and white photography of the Northern prairie landscape. The artist, Jonathan Rosenthal, a resident of North Dakota since 2020 spent his early North Dakota time exploring and taking pictures of

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The Best Band You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of Is Playing a New Year’s Eve Show in Minot

When it comes to music, calling any band the ‘best’ is likely to start a debate, maybe even an argument. I’m not looking for either; I was looking to get your attention. If you’ve made it this far, I got it, so I’ll get to it. The genre is Rock/Americana. The band is the Social

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Top Gun’s Danger Zone With a Finnish Twist

What do you get when you cross classic rock with five guys from Finland playing traditional instruments? The answer is Steve N Seagulls. And because Minot is home to the Norsk Hostfest, we’re required to bring you this content. Check them out below in a live performance of Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone,  featuring what must

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Minot State moving forward with $25 million Hartnett Hall renovation

Minot State University’s Hartnett Hall is undergoing a once-every-fifty-years renovation. Made possible by a legislative appropriation in the 2021 session, the project will modernize the building that’s home to several liberal arts programs including English, Humanities, Theater, Arts, and Communications. Mike Linnell with Minot State has the full story.

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Thursday, August 6 — A great day to head downtown in Minot!

Starting at about 5:00, Main Street in downtown Minot will be taken over by artists, food trucks, bounce houses, and fire throwers. It’s the first Thursday of the month and that means fun on the streets. Among those participating and organizing various activities are: Creative Night Out – bringing the arts and artists together on

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The North American ‘Amazon’ You’ve Never Heard Of—And Why It’s In Peril

Conservationists are sounding the alarm on enormous declines in bird populations — a loss of nearly 3 billion since the 1970s — and the key to turning the tide is an area as vital to North American as the Amazon is to South America. And it’s right here in North Dakota. It’s the prairie pothole

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Hey Minot, Don’t miss night two of Dak Jam 19!

Doors open at 6:30, Hairball (A Bombastic Celebration of Arena Rock) takes the stage at 8:30, and if night two is anything like night one, you’re in for music experience that’s second to none in the region. And what a setting! It takes vision to recognize the potential in an empty parking lot and turn

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Minot’s weekend of all weekends! Get out and enjoy it!

Starting Thursday, there’s more to do in Minot than you have time to get to. Here’s the rundown in no particular order: First Thursday — It’s a Creative Night Out with downtown businesses partnering with local artists that add to Minot’s atmosphere. The highlight — the performance of the Minot City Band will play on

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Regina Fair adding Fortnite tournament to activities

Regina’s summer fair, known as Queen City Ex, is stepping into the world eSports at their event later this summer. In partnership with local gaming-focused businesses, the fair will host tournament style competitions in the game Fortnite with a top prize of $8,500. There’s a $40 entry fee with room for 640 competitors, but registration will

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Skein roles out red carpet for MSU Choral group

A group of Minot State music students had the privilege of traveling to Minot’s sister city Skein, Norway recently, and they hospitality they experienced beyond special. Eloise Ogden with the Minot Daily News has the recap story.

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People-centric events reclaim streets in Minneapolis this summer

Typically, cars reign supreme on the streets, but for six days this summer, 22 blocks of Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis will be reclaimed by people; no cars allowed. Last year the events drew nearly 45,000 people who simply wanted to enjoy their ‘place’ without the threat or worry introduced by the motoring public. Get the

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