City Council Agenda, August 19, 2019

Minot City Council will meet Monday, August 19th, 4:15 pm at the Minot Municipal Auditorium to consider the agenda below. City Council meetings are open to the public or can be viewed on the City’s Youtube channel here or Facebook page here. 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. BUDGET REVIEW QUESTION-AND-ANSWERS SESSION OF

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Brandon approves $4M for new water mains

Do you know where a bunch of your property taxes go? In the case of managing a city like Minot or our neighbor Brandon, Manitoba — it takes a lot of money to keep what we have in working order. You don’t need to read the story below from the Brandon Sun; the headline captures

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Farmland values changing in Ward County

Generally speaking, agricultural land values in Ward County are decreasing, but a change in soil mapping for some owners is still causing valuation — and thus, property tax — increases. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily has the full story on the County’s effort to equalize land values across Ward County.

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When should local governments take on debt?

Flood protection, NAWS, road maintenance and construction, fire stations — these are just a few of the big ticket capital infrastructure projects we in Minot are trying to figure out how to pay for. That invites the question — when should we bond (take on debt) for these things and under what circumstances? Check out

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Winnipeg can’t replace Infrastructure without federal, provincial money

The City of Winnipeg is staring directly at $4.9 billion (Canadian) in capital infrastructure needs, and the Mayor says they won’t be able to afford it without help from the Manitoba and Canadian federal governments. Get the full report on how Winnipeg is going to prioritize their list from the Winnipeg Free Press. From a

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