LGBT presence in rural America significant

The idea that LGBT populations are only on the coasts and in the bigger cities false. A recently released study found that between 2.9 and 3.8 million LGBT individuals call rural America home, and they’ve chosen to live here for the same reasons as everywhere else — values associated with close-knit communities.

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A breath of hope for America on North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

Extending South of Interstate 94 in Western North Dakota, you’ll find an oddity that is uniquely and inspiringly American. It is the Enchanted Highway, and with all the negativity that surrounds us these days, one journalist from Chicago sees it as a sign that our path out of the morass is in front of us.

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Let’s Reconnect With Our Streets

Have we reached a point where we’re more likely to have a relationship with our car than our neighbors? Perhaps that’s because we’ve lost touch with our connection point — our streets. It used to be that these keystones of our community were places to come together, now they’re conveyances out of our neighborhoods to

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How America Will Turn Itself Around?

While a growing minority of us pick which side of the line (on any given issue) to stand on, there’s another group of people losing trust in all of it. Perhaps instead of choosing sides and, thus, who to distrust, we start listening to those who are watching our larger trends? What they’re seeing is

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A Quiet, Country Life in the Middle of the City?

A home in the country — it’s a long-standing commonly held goal among many of us. We want the peace, tranquility, privacy. But it’s a desire in conflict with another common goal — vibrant, engaged, communities. It’s hard to have both. But in Savannah, Georgia, a set of colliding circumstances created a place that captures

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In Sauk Centre, moving ‘Main Street’ to Main Street

Sinclair Lewis wrote ‘Main Street’ almost a hundred years ago, and the themes it captured are still echoing through small-town America. But so is a new spirit which seeks to capture the value of choosing ‘Main Street’, and in Sauk Centre, that starts with putting a tribute to the author back in its rightful place.

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The Rise and Fall of the Family-Vacation Road Trip

Things change. Sometimes they change so slowly we don’t see them happening. Such is the fate with a former staple of the American experience — the family road trip. Ashley Fetters with the Atlantic has the story on a new book and the author’s thoughts on what happened.

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An Illustrated Celebration of Jane Jacobs and Her Legacy of Livable Cities

What makes a place remarkable? Maria Popova explores the question through an exploration of Jane Jacobs life. Her conclusion: “Out of this arises the awareness that a city, like a niche in nature, is an ecosystem. The synergy of its various human and nonhuman components — neighborhoods, parks, stores, streets, sidewalks — is what makes

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