Scientists say they’ve found T. rex’s early ancestor in northeast Montana

One of the lesser-known niche benefits of living in our part of the world — we’ve got dinosaurs. Well, we have their fossilized remains, at least. And a recent discovery in northeast Montana has people talking. It’s believed to be an ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Get the full story from the Billings Gazette.

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Vikings in North America? Here’s what we really know

Now that the purple and gold Vikings have been eliminated from the NFL playoffs, it’s safe to share a story about the other vikings without causing confusion. Did you know it’s widely believed Icelandic explorer Leif Erickson was the actual first European to set foot on North America? He did it at least a couple

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Why Are People in the US Becoming Radicalized?

What makes a person slip from being passionate, but reasonable, to radicalized and unreasonable? It’s a question many across the country are asking because, in the U.S., the rate of radicalization is on the increase, more so than in other developed countries. The answers are still evolving, and they’re coming mostly by looking back and

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New Ken Burns film on buffalo includes Indigenous voices from North Dakota.

The news was released recently; the film will be released in October, and it’s about a story very much at the heart of North Dakota. The filmmaker is Ken Burns, the topic is the story of the American buffalo and its journey to near extinction and back again. The full news release from PBS is

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World’s oldest runestone found in Norway, archaeologists believe

A remarkable rock was found in a grave field west of Oslo recently. Known as a runestone, it’s the writing and the date that makes it special, and this one is really special because it may be the oldest example yet discovered of writing and the runic alphabet in Scandinavia. Get the full story on

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Ehh, What Did These Wise Guys Know Anyways?

Our nation’s founding fathers were in search of perfection in an imperfect world. The American experiment, although flawed as is any other human endeavor, is something that has had immeasurable benefit for those of us who are lucky enough to live in this country. Separation of church and state is one of their lasting legacies.

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Free Learning Series “Little Kids, Big World” Featured at North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum

Planning a day trip to Bismarck and taking your toddler? You may want to work around the calendar at the Heritage Center and State Museum. For the rest of January, their programming activities are focused on kids. Check out the new release below. — Official News Release, ND Heritage Center — Free Learning Series “Little

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Saving Snowflakes By Banning & Burning Books?

I recently completed reading The 1619 Project. I may or may not have bothered, but the fact that many political types want to ban it from public schools piqued my curiosity. The book is a compilation of essays by a number of authors of African descent giving their opinions on race relations in the USA.

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