$2.5B power line planned from central North Dakota to western Montana

A big investment in connecting the regional power grid is centering in North Dakota, literally. The 385 mile long Northern Plains Connector line would connect from Colstrip, Montana to Center, and Solen, North Dakota. The line would be capable of carrying up to 3,000 megawatts, nearly 75% of North Dakota’s peak demand. Get the full

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North Dakota Industrial Commission moves to sue Minnesota over carbon-free bill

Earlier this month, the Minnesota legislature passed a bill requiring carbon-free electricity by 2040. It’s legislation that had North Dakota’s attention from the start. Last week, the ND Industrial Commission took action; they’ll be filing a lawsuit against Minnesota. Their contention — Minnesota is attempting to regulate interstate commerce. Get the full story from The

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Alberta landowners fear repeat of orphan well crisis as renewable energy booms

The oil business is known for its boom and bust cycles. Everyone loves it when times are good. And in the past, everyone pays for it when times are bad. At least, that’s what everyone in Alberta remembers about the last time it went bad. Because when it went, it left cities and towns holding

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The surprising key to our energy-centric future is Transmission

Bill Gates has built himself a fortune. In part, through his ability to shape the future, in part through his ability to predict the future and position his business interests in alignment. In those acts some people see a villain, but whatever his motives, it’s hard to ignore his track record. And he recently wrote

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Coal Creek Station Out of Compliance With EPA Coal Ash Storage and Ground Water Protections

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the latest action to protect communities and hold facilities accountable for controlling and cleaning up the contamination created by coal ash disposal. The Agency issued six proposed determinations to deny facilities’ requests to continue disposing of coal combustion residuals (CCR or coal ash) into unlined surface

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Bill would keep ESG considerations out of MT’s investing decisions

ESG stands for ‘environment’, ‘social’, and ‘governance’.  It’s an acronym to describe the emerging pressure corporations and businesses are under to be transparent regarding practices related to the environment, social, and governance issues. As an example, banks that reduce or stop lending to carbon-based energy projects would be an example of an ESG policy. It’s

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How oil helped save North Dakota’s largest coal-fired power plant

It’s not that long ago that the news regarding Coal Creek Station was dire. The plant South of Minot was going to close; the 650 jobs it delivered would go with it. But thanks in part to resources and financing opportunities made possible by ND’s Legacy Fund, the plant was able to secure a new

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Bakken Energy’s plans for Beulah hydrogen hub fizzle

For now, the project between Basin Electric and Bakken Energy to deliver a hydrogen hub near Beulah is shelved; negotiation between the two companies has ended. The State Industrial Commission had been a big supporter of the project, and the situation leaves the state with a likely $4.5 million loss in grant dollars previously awarded.

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Hess Announces 2023 Capital Budget, Bakken Investment Remains Strong

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 24, 2023– Hess Corporation (NYSE: HES) today announced a 2023 Exploration & Production capital and exploratory budget of $3.7 billion, of which more than 80% will be allocated to Guyana and the Bakken. Net production is forecast to average between 355,000 and 365,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2023. Bakken net production is forecast to

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Is New Technology Making Used Wind Turbine Blades Recyclable?

Not that long ago, a story popular in certain political circles was pointing out the challenge that comes with landfilling and disposing of wind-turbine blades at the end of their lives. With over 60,000 turbines across the country, and blades more than 100 feet long, it’s no small problem. But fast forward a couple of

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U.S. Approves First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor, Beginning New Era for Atomic Energy

Nuclear energy is back. Well, it never really went away, but a new wave of small reactors is on the horizon, and the design that drives them was recently approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It’s just the seventh reactor design approved for use in the U.S. and what makes it different is its

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U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Went Up Again in 2022

In spite of widespread efforts to curb them, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow. The Federal government has set a reduction goal to 50% of the 2005 levels by 2030. To achieve that goal, the U.S. will need to average a 5% annual reduction between now and then. Why does it matter in Minot?

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State awards renewable energy grants

Bismarck, ND — The North Dakota Industrial Commission approved $2.8 million in Oil and Gas Research and Renewable Energy Program matching grants for six new research projects. The funding, generated from oil and gas production tax revenue, supports the growth of North Dakota’s oil and gas industry through research and education. The Renewable Energy Program

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Sen. Jeff Magrum files 8 bills related to Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions has seeking approval to build a 2,000-mile network of carbon capture pipelines connecting several ethanol plants in the upper midwest to final storage locations West of Bismarck. But Senator Jeff Magrum has proposed a number of bills adding significant legislative oversight and hurdles to the proposed project. The bills pertain largely to

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Oil Production: January Director’s Cut and November Production Numbers

North Dakota’s Director of the Department of Mineral Resources, Lynn Helms and the Director of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, Justin Kringstad Director deliver a monthly webcast providing updates on the state’s oil production trends. January’s report with data through November is available below. November numbers reflect an approximate 2% decline, due by assumption to

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To Get Off Fossil Fuels, America Is Going to Need a Lot More Electricians

This story may get eyebrow furrows in a place like North Dakota where we’re less in a hurry to get off fossil fuels. After all, we produce a lot of reliable energy with them. But this isn’t a story about climate change, it’s about hedging bets and acknowledging the wave that’s on the horizon. America

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