UAVs Have Expanding Mission on Farms & Ranches

I’ve been sharing most of the articles about the Grand Forks side of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) story, but this is the first coverage I’ve seen on the industries impact on North Dakota’s bread and butter… agriculture.

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Hoeven: Congress Takes First Step to Eliminate Proposed Waters of the U.S. Regulation

— Official News Release — Senator John Hoeven today said he is working on a two-step process to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Waters of the U.S. regulation, which would bring almost every acre of wet ground under federal Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction. The U.S. Congress took the first step in its

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Coyote Population on the Rise

The ND Dept. of Agriculture estimates they take $1,000,000 worth livestock every year, and biologists say they are a resilient species… unaffected by man’s encroachment. The good news, there are hunters who want to help solve the problem.

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Northwest Landowners Association Meets in Stanley

The group had their annual meeting in Stanley on Saturday. The issues at hand… the impact of oil and gas development and the upcoming legislative session.

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New Ag Genetics Lab in Fargo?

A new ag research lab is being built in Fargo. The National Agricultural Genotyping Center is under construction now, but it has State contributed funding on the line with the Governor’s proposed budget. Agricultural Commissioner Doug Goehring requested $800,000 for the project.

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Pipelines, Pulses, and Cowboys… The Leader-Post Daily Roudup

Three stories worth passing along from Regina’s Leader-Post. Oil boom triggering cowboy shortage on Prairies: Our appetite for oil is leading to higher prices for the burgers we so love. Wall blasts Ont., Que. for pipeline ‘conditions’: Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls conditions set by Ontario and Quebec Premiers as ‘out of line’. The issue at

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Carbon Credit Conservation Program Gets a Start

The program compensates land owners for agreeing to keep land in grass, a natural carbon storage mechanism. The test program is being run on 11,000 acres in  6 central North Dakota counties. Partners in the program include Ducks Unlimited, Chevrolet, and the USDA.

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The Slow Food Revolution is Just Across the Border

Think of it as the opposite of fast food… a more considered approach to diet and eating. But be careful, a taste of the diet has the potential to infect your entire world view and lifestyle.

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Trending Towards Fewer Durum Growers

The growing region is shifting to the west and their are less acres planted. More video coverage from KX News here.

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Genetically Engineered Potato Approved by USDA

Branded as the ‘Innate’ , the potato fries a little cleaner (less carcinogens released) and is more resistant to bruising.

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Rabid Horse Found in Rural Estevan

Rabies is a persistent threat in our part of the world, and this article will give you a good refresh on the pertinent facts. The horse has been put down, a quarantine on the herd is expected.

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Honey Bee Producers get Boost from USDA Incentives

The federal dollars, $7 million in total, will be distributed in conjunction with the CRP program to farmers and ranchers who plant flowering cover crops that provide foraging grounds for honey bees.

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New Crop Insurance Program to Include Small Producers

Small growers will be able to get crop insurance under the new Whole-Farm Revenue Protection insurance program.

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