Regina’s residential construction industry in ‘deep recession’

In an insular world, it’s easy to think we’re the only people and place facing a down economy. It’s not so as this article from the Regina Leader Post points out. Also worth noting, the cause attached to the slow down; top-down policies that carry consequences into places they weren’t intended for. It’s a call

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The Case for Small Commercial Spaces

What type of land development fosters an entrepreneurial ecosystem? If we think in terms of the biological ecosystem, we don’t have sustainability unless there are species at every level of the food chain. That metaphor speaks to a start-small mentality; this commentary from Strong Towns does also.

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Twin cities construction firms band with developers, schools to attract more workers

Construction is booming in the twin cities, but there’s still a problem — they don’t have enough workers. The solution? Right now it’s a program to attract more students into the construction trades. Stories of worker shortages are becoming more commonplace on TheMinotVoice as they reflect a situation we have to address locally.

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The economy keeps adding jobs, but filling them gets harder

Jobs, jobs, jobs — they aren’t hard to find. The tricky part is for the businesses that need qualified people to fill them. NPR has the story on the national trend, but there’s a message we’d do well to take note of here in Minot. We perpetually pursue jobs through economic development, but we already

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Trade tariffs weigh heavy on big beer bottom lines

When tariffs on aluminum get tossed around as negotiating chips, America’s big beer makers get nervous. When you sell a lot of beer in aluminum cans, even a little tariff can have a big impact. Joe Deaux writing for Bloomberg has the story on the trade-offs that may result from fighting a trade war. It’s

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Mining the magic: MN Industry leftovers reinvented by influx of silent sports

How do you take a once scarred landscape filled abandoned ore mines and turn it into something positive? One method: by embracing silent sports like mountain biking, hiking, trout fishing, and kayaking. A two-hour drive from the twin cities, you’ll find the Cayuna State Recreation Area, home to a then-radical idea hatched 30-years ago that is

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The cult of productivity has a counterproductive flaw

Imagine you figure out a new way to do something at work, saving you five hours each week. Over a year, you’ll save 260 hours. Now suppose you spent 10 hours teaching this work hack to 10 of your colleagues. At the end of the year, your productivity would be 4% lower (you’d only save

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Who’s Going to Capitalize on the North Dakota/NAFTA Talking Point?

In November of 2017, two studies were made public regarding the effect of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) were it to be repealed. One study was done by BMO Capital Markets and the other by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The third most vulnerable state were NAFTA to be repealed would be North

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