Eyes Open: Phishing Attacks Starting on Victims of Anthem Health Insurance Hack

No official word yet on whether BCBSND clients were part of the data hack, but Anthem is a partner and BCBSND acknowledged that they do share information. This is a time to be mindful of phone calls and transactions that don’t make sense or sound phishy.

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Planning Through Oil Booms Helps Independent Drillers Weather The Busts

Know anyone with a small oil-field service company? This article from NPR delivers a dose of financial common sense from a small business owner and oil industry survivor in Texas.

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Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Fame Breaks Down the Minimum Wage Debate

Mike Rowe has a way of unwrapping complex issues and putting them into everyday terms. His response to a letter about the minium wage is a great example. Consider it a must read.

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It’s the Dollar, Not the Price of Oil, Pushing Boom & Bust Cycles

If you’re up for some economic analysis this morning, John Tamny at Forbes offers up some commentary on what the real culprit is when it comes to oil price swings and the resulting market expansion and contractions.

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Legislature to Wrestle with Multiple Income Tax Proposals

There are lots of income tax related bills on the legislative agenda this session, Jessica Holdman from the Bismarck Tribune provides a nice overview of the bills and informative commentary from State Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger.

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Shake Shack IPO Portends Shakeup of Fast Food Industry

Shake Shack’s IPO was Friday and investors scooped up stock for the Manhattan-based burger chain driving the price up well beyond the forecast. With the early money betting hungry customers will follow, it’s a single event that illustrates broader changes taking place in the fast-food business.

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How to Buy Happiness: The Purchases Most Likely to Bring You Joy

We all know the old saying, “You can’t buy happiness,” ┬áisn’t entirely true. The best part of this article — it’s not wealth dependent — the good advice applies no matter how much you have.

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East Grand Forks Files Insurance Claim Over Economic Development Loan

The City of East Grand Forks has filed an insurance claim in hopes of recovering a $510,000 loan made through the economic development association.

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