First Income Tax Bill in Committee

There are a number of income tax related bills that are being discussed in the session. Get a good overview of the different proposals from Mike Nowatzki writing for the Dickinson Press.

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Bank of North Dakota Reports Record Income

It’s the eleventh year in a row for record setting income. In 2014, the Bank of ND netted income of slightly more than $111 million.

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The Economics of Canada’s Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve

Yes, it’s a real thing. Yes, there are real economic principles at work. Yes, you should read it.

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ND State Treasurer Introduces Website for Tracking State Dollars

— Official News Release — North Dakota State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt has launched a new website that is bringing greater transparency to the state’s operating fund and other government fund balances. The website, located at, displays the current operating fund balance on the home page. Additional operating fund information displays daily deposits, withdrawals and

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Watch Out: Signs of Financial Abuse

Forgery, scams, and financial abuse are on the rise, and it’s often the elderly who fall victim. Check out this short segment from KMOT News to learn what to watch for.

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Bismarck High Dance Team Loses $12,000 to Embezzlement

Just a reminder that with our clubs and organizations, one of our first priorities should be managing the finances in such a way so as to eliminate the temptation.

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An Explanation of Your Property Tax Statement

Your property tax isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well take a minute and get acquainted with your statement. This video produced by the Tax Commissioner’s office let’s you know what to look for.

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Economic Lessons from Marathon Finishers?

When we set goals, we like nice round numbers… like finishing a marathon in under four hours. Often times, these goals are valuable motivators, but they also occasionally lead us towards bad decisions and outcomes. Read this article to inform your own behavior for the better.

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