Zero Percent State Income Tax Rate?

Representative Scott Louser will introduce the income tax bill in the up coming session.

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Fed Says Long-Term Rates May Exceed Forecasts

Follow the link for the story. Check the comments for the one-line editorial delivered by user Hardened Cynic who states, “These guys are riding a rocket and have no idea where they are going.”

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Fear the Boom and Bust Cycle?

John Maynard Keynes and H.A. Hayek — two guys you’ve probably never heard of, both economists, one of which has had an enormous impact on the way our government operates. Take five minutes, it’s an informative and entertaining video.

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Higher Taxes (Price) Equals Less Consumption

Raising taxes (i.e. prices) on cigarettes will result in decreased consumption, but a modestly surprising additional effect is a corollary decrease in beer and liquor consumption.

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