Paying people to move to rural locations

The efforts to reenergize and repopulate rural portions of the United States are an ongoing topic for politicians. Often framed under the idea of ‘economic development’, the hope is that government can incentivize a behavior deemed to be beneficial to an area that’s not taking place on it’s own through the private sector. In Georgia,

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This is what job creation looks like!

For the past 25-years, I've watched our economic development efforts swing for the fences. We've spent millions and millions incentivizing and luring the big fish. There are some legitimate success stories. There are also some spectacular failures.

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Welcome to Washington… er … La-La Land

This month has been what looks like a reality check. Let’s stipulate to a few facts. In Washington, D.C. we have a Republican President, a Republican House of Representatives and a Republican Senate. In the opinion of these duly elected persons, a tax decrease is needed to stimulate the economy. This is at a time

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N.D. farmers Vertically Integrating with Investments in East Coast Restaurants

How do you make a product or a company more profitable? There are lots of ways including reducing costs through innovative practices, creating a differentiated product that commands a higher price. And there’s also vertical integration — the method of getting control of the supply chain and middlemen that separate a raw product from the

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Diversifying an oil and gas economy in Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, New Mexico — it’s a city with more than a few similarities to Minot. Notably, it’s fortunes also rise and fall with the price of oil. It’s a cycle that’s led community leaders and business owners alike if there aren’t better ways to build a sustainable livelihood and economy. Sound familiar? As a solution,

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Tax & Spend or Borrow & Spend? Or Reject the Premise?

I am very possibly of the minority when it comes to public opinion, but nonetheless in the mainstream with the opinions of the majority of credible economists. If there are tax reductions by Congress, it will in all probability stimulate the economy at least over the short term. A tax decrease would also be popular

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Nobel Goes To American Richard Thaler For Work In Behavioral Economics

Economics is very much a scientific study of simplified, rational decision making. But there’s a problem, humans aren’t always rational decision makers. Sometimes we’re downright weird and inexplicable. Richard Thaler was among the first economists to consider our weirdness, and his work won him a Nobel Prize. NPR has the story.

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Grand Forks warily eyes once-dependable federal grant process

Elected officials in Grand Forks are opening their eyes to a new financial reality — funding from the federal government is coming more slowly and less regularly. It means many programs, particularly those that fall under the umbrella of Community Development Block Grants have a less secure future. It matters for Minot because local municipalities

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