Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty

If your personal information was compromised by the data breach at Equifax, hopefully you’ve been notified and are taking steps to protect yourself. And if you were impacted, there’s no doubt the situation has been more than a little inconvenient. And all of it speaks to what standard of corporate responsibility Equifax should be held

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Costco has officially raised the alarm on US tariffs

With recent discussions about NAFTA making headlines, it’s always worth noting when and where possible how businesses react to political¬†posturing. The first law of politics and policy should be, “beware the unintended consequences”. And in the case of the tough talk over North American trade policy, it’s fair to say the private sector is taking

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An arcane American law protected by powerful interests is causing insane traffic jams

What does a hundred-year-old law that forces goods transported between American ports to use American-made ships have to do with traffic and L.A. and possibly our economy in North Dakota? Erik Olson asks the question (about the Traffic in L.A. part) and provides the analysis of the trickle down regulatory effect and the unintended consequences. This

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Survey suggests more growth ahead for Midwest economy

A Creighton University economic indicator survey suggests the Midwest economy may be turning a corner. The Bismarck Tribune has the story.

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Our economic future depends on storytellers

Heard a good story lately? It’s kind of a trick question, because if you did, you may not even know it. Storytelling is a time-honored art form, but we’re just now discovering the relevance it has to what we think, who we trust, and how we act. And our ability to spin a yarn may

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Tech workers brace for Seattle’s plan to ‘tax the rich’

The City of Seattle is on a pathway toward attempting to solve their low-income housing and public transit challenges by implementing an income tax on individuals earning more than $250,000 per year and couples earning more than $500,000. It’s not the first policy initiative Seattle has undertaken to attempt to make the City more livable

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First tech, now financing: U.S. shale firms get creative to pump more oil

Necessity is the mother of invention, and we’ve experienced that first hand here in the North Dakota oil patch. The necessity was to survive an OPEC supply assault intended to force shale operators out of the market with lower prices. The invention was better, more efficient ways to drill. And as the term of the

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The amount of US land used to grow wheat is at the lowest in almost a century

Wheat markets are in flux right now, and the price is on the rise. A late season snowstorm in Kansas, drought in North Dakota are all factors, but so too is the fact that there were fewer wheat acres planted this year than at any point since the government began tracking the information in 1919.

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