Kids left in cars in summer heat, a sobering reminder to set a reminder

Since laws keeping kids from front seats have been implemented, more and more are forgotten in the back seat. It’s not a matter of being a bad parent, it’s a matter of remembering. And if a parent misses just once, the consequences can be tragic. Check out this story out of South Carolin that serves

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Teen Suicide Spiked After Debut Of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why,’ Study Says

Television watching is vastly different today than it was even 10 years ago. Binge-watching and the viral-like consumption of content are major differences. And in the one case of one popular Netflix show from a few years ago with suicide story-line, researchers identified a spike in teen suicide following the release. While the researchers are

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Are capricious state regulators contributing to ND’s child care shortage?

Childcare is and has been a continuing challenge in our communities. From a labor perspective, we’ve got a shortage of workers, and one key to entering the workforce is having confidence in where we leave our kids. In this commentary in the Grand Forks Herald, Rob Port argues that the State’s licensing and regulatory agency

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The simple step parents can take to teach their kids persistence and grit

If at first you don’t succeed, then what? Phrased in a way that will matter to every parent, if at first your child doesn’t succeed, then what? Dealing with failure and adversity has everything to do with how kids are taught persistence and grit. And it starts at a young age. Check out this article

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Pitbulls… Lovable? Yes. Dangerous? That too.

None of that changes the fact that as a City Council member, I’ve got the job of deciding the issue. Mark your calendars, our meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 17th.

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Prairie Roots Food Co-op opens in Fargo with mix of natural, organic foods

The manner in which shop for groceries is evolving and there’s no better evidence than the opening of another food co-op in the state. Prairie Roots Food Co-op opened their doors in downtown Fargo yesterday. The member-owned business uses 5,600 square feet to provide organic and natural food, much of it locally sourced.

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The life-changing magic of getting a person to change their mind—even yourself

With those we care about, we try and try and try. Sometimes we need to do it ourselves, but we resist. Yes, I’m talking about change, particularly of our minds. And as our knowledge of how our brains work starts to align with observed behavior, we’re starting to get confirmation that changing minds is possible.

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Growing Together: Options for healthy lawns with fewer chemicals

As North Dakota transitions from snow removal to lawn care, the quest for the greenest, weed-free lawn will begin. At least for some. And if you’re interested in how to accomplish the task with fewer chemicals, Don Kinzler writing for the Grand Forks Herald can scratch your itch. And the best part, he provides his

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