What Kids Need From Grown-Ups (But Aren’t Getting)

According to author and researcher¬† Erika Christakis, the heavily structured early world our young kids now live in is doing them a disservice. And the solution is all too simple — play.

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Babies are booming in North Dakota

  The price of oil may be down, but you wouldn’t know it by the number of babies being delivered. Zoe Peterson has the story from the Star Tribune on the challenges of growing an obstetrics department to meet demands of a growing community.

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Winter Tip: Embrace the Danish Concept of Hygge

  Loosely translated, it matches up with our idea of ‘coziness’, but there’s more to it than that. ¬†Pronounced ‘Hooga’, it is an attitude, a feeling, and a contented pursuit all in one.

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Trim Tabs: How Little Amounts of Pressure Affect Dramatic Change

Have you ever wondered how to affect change in your personal life, at work, on a team, in the world? It’s not as complicated as we imagine, especially if you embrace the idea acting as a trim tab. Learn how little becomes big in this article.

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Watch and Learn: The Science of Man’s Best Friend

  Got three minutes? Use it to gain a little insight into your most loyal friend in this informative video.

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Learn: Verbal Commitment vs. National Letter of Intent

Got an athletic kid? If they’re looking at college and colleges are looking at them, then this article is worth a read. It’s a concise overview on ¬†the difference between a ‘verbal commitment’ and a ‘National Letter of Intent’.

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For Moms & Dads: An Open Letter To My Kids About Summer

Do you appreciate sarcasm? Does the summer madhouse have you occasionally wishing for the routine of fall and school? Read this and laugh and possibly cry.

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Science Reveals: The Traits of Happy, Lasting Relationships

After studying thousands of relationships, one behavioral scientist can predict with 94% accuracy which couples will be together and will couples will split within a few years. What’s his secret? He watches for kindness and generosity and the little ways they manifest themselves.

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