Waterfowl Numbers Lower, Difficult Early Winter Possible Cause

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s annual midwinter waterfowl survey in early January indicated about 29,000 Canada geese in the state. Andy Dinges, department migratory game bird biologist, said a low count was expected this year for wintering waterfowl given the substantial snowfall and cold temperatures in November and December leading up to the

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How old are the Walleye in Lake Sakakawea? And what can we learn from knowing?

Have you wondered how old the fish are in Lake Sakakwea? Would you like to know why it matters? If so, Mike Anderson with North Dakota Game & Fish has you covered. The video below gives you a quick primer on how biologists determine fish age and how the knowledge helps us manage our fisheries.

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Below Normal Missouri River Basin Runoff Projected

The mountains in Montana and Wyoming that feed the Missouri basin are dryer than normal — for this time of year. It’s the early-season forecast so there’s a lot of time for Mother Nature to change the outcome, but right now the snowpack is below average. Kim Fundingsland has the full story that annually impacts

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Ice Fishing Impacts Creates Evolving Target for Fisheries Management

We’ve seen it before. A few ice shelters can turn into a city literally overnight. Winter anglers travel from every corner of the state – some from a few states away – at the report of a hot walleye, perch, or crappie bite. Anglers wonder if the fishery can withstand the pressure? I remind myself

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A big picture look at North Dakota winter fishing

When the first storm iced some parts of North Dakota, then followed with snow from inches to feet, a collective sigh could be heard from Williston to Wahpeton. After the snow was moved, those with a glass half-full attitude smiled with thoughts of ice fishing. There was more snow, more cold, but the hardy souls

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2023 Means It’s Time To Register Your Boat

North Dakota Game & Fish is the state agency that manages boat registrations, and they do so on a three-year cycle. 2023 is the first year of the next cycle which means it’s time to update your registration. Get the full news release from NDGF below. —- NEWS RELEASE, NDGF —– North Dakota watercraft owners

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NDGF Lake Sakakawea Ice Fishing Preview 2022 -2023

In the Western portion of Lake Sakakawea the ice is on, but East portions of the lake typically stay open until December/January.  For the rest of the NDGF ice fishing preview from Dave Fryda, Fisheries Supervisor catch the video below.

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NDGF: North Central District Lakes and Lake Audubon Ice Fishing Preview

North Dakota Game & Fish regional ice fishing previews are underway, and it’s our turn this week. Check out the conversation between Video Supervisor Mike Anderson and fisheries supervisor Jason Lee to get the early-season rundown on many of the Minot area lakes. If you’re looking for a place close by to cut a hole,

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RAWA Bill Dies Amid Crypto Tax Disagreement

It was known as the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, and it was the first major conservation bill that had traction since 1973. Its $1.7 billion annual funding was to be covered by closing a loophole that allowed crypto exchanges to escape taxes typically paid on other investments like stocks and bonds. Get the full story

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What’s the best way to cook Walleye?

For the first hour of last week’s #GoodTalk Minot we were joined by Kellen Latendresse and Josh Kelly, both are local fishing guides. Out topics: the best way to cook the best-tasting fish and all the things that make the North Dakota outdoors something to be proud of. Watch and listen below.

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U.S. Senate Bills address Missouri River floods

Flooding across the Missouri and Mississippi rivers this spring have politicians talking, and one of the topics is the Corp’s management practices and priorities. On that topic, two bills were introduced this week that may have impacts in North Dakota. One would remove fish and wildlife as one priority on the list of those that

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North Dakota Game and Fish changes record policy after walleye controversy

It’s official. As result of the controversy surrounding a recently caught largest-ever walleye, the North Dakota Game and Fish are changing their policy on determining records. In the future, when the biggest fish is caught, the Game and Fish will wait 2-weeks before formally declaring it a record. Mike McFeely writing at the Grand Forks

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North Dakota walleye fisheries in great shape, you can help keep it that way!

North Dakota’s walleye fisheries — particularly those a part of the Missouri River system and Lake Sakakawea are in great shape. But that doesn’t just happen. The health of the fish resource is regularly monitored by North Dakota Game and Fish and policies and stocking practices are aligned to match needs. And it’s tagging studies

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Saskatchewan’s trespass law passes; visitors need consent from rural landowners

Among the most contentious issues in North Dakota’s recently completed legislative session were proposed changes to land-posting, trespass, and hunting access laws. In Saskatchewan, they’ve been wrestling with the exact same issue, and the genesis of their discussion is worth noting — when the relationship between landowners and hunters becomes adversarial, the environment for tragedy

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Game & Fish recaps 2019 Legislative session

The 2019 legislative session wrapped up last week and there was no shortage of bills that impact North Dakota’s outdoor supporters and users. Check out the video below for a recap of the bills that matter to hunting, fishing, and getting outside.

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Lake Sakakawea remains one of the best walleye waters

You often hear veteran anglers and biologists refer to the current status of North Dakota’s fisheries as “the good old days.” Of course, that’s a general reference and each individual water is unique. Some are doing better than others and at the moment one of those “better” waters is Lake Sakakawea. North Dakota Game and

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