U.S. Senate Bills address Missouri River floods

Flooding across the Missouri and Mississippi rivers this spring have politicians talking, and one of the topics is the Corp’s management practices and priorities. On that topic, two bills were introduced this week that may have impacts in North Dakota. One would remove fish and wildlife as one priority on the list of those that

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North Dakota Game and Fish changes record policy after walleye controversy

It’s official. As result of the controversy surrounding a recently caught largest-ever walleye, the North Dakota Game and Fish are changing their policy on determining records. In the future, when the biggest fish is caught, the Game and Fish will wait 2-weeks before formally declaring it a record. Mike McFeely writing at the Grand Forks

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North Dakota walleye fisheries in great shape, you can help keep it that way!

North Dakota’s walleye fisheries — particularly those a part of the Missouri River system and Lake Sakakawea are in great shape. But that doesn’t just happen. The health of the fish resource is regularly monitored by North Dakota Game and Fish and policies and stocking practices are aligned to match needs. And it’s tagging studies

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Saskatchewan’s trespass law passes; visitors need consent from rural landowners

Among the most contentious issues in North Dakota’s recently completed legislative session were proposed changes to land-posting, trespass, and hunting access laws. In Saskatchewan, they’ve been wrestling with the exact same issue, and the genesis of their discussion is worth noting — when the relationship between landowners and hunters becomes adversarial, the environment for tragedy

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Game & Fish recaps 2019 Legislative session

The 2019 legislative session wrapped up last week and there was no shortage of bills that impact North Dakota’s outdoor supporters and users. Check out the video below for a recap of the bills that matter to hunting, fishing, and getting outside.

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Lake Sakakawea remains one of the best walleye waters

You often hear veteran anglers and biologists refer to the current status of North Dakota’s fisheries as “the good old days.” Of course, that’s a general reference and each individual water is unique. Some are doing better than others and at the moment one of those “better” waters is Lake Sakakawea. North Dakota Game and

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Details on Deer Season

While North Dakota’s 2018 deer gun season continues through Nov. 25, it still generates a fair amount of questions and conversation preseason, midseason and postseason. First off, this year’s deer hunting season did open later than what a lot of people think is normal. The traditional deer opener for more than three decades has been

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Ice fishing season arrival makes a good time to review regulations

It’s a reminder that it doesn’t hurt to review the rules and regulations for whatever season is coming up or in progress. Here’s a short review of some of the rules that guide fishing through the ice.

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Wild Turkey Fatigue Spreading as Urban Nuisance Claims Rise

Here in Minot, an ad hoc committee appointed by City Council is tackling the issue of how to better manage the populations of Minot’s in-town wildlife. Turkeys have been part of the conversation. And based on this article from the NY Times, it would seem as if Minot isn’t only community dealing with the challenge.

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Sakakawea Salmon Spawning Complete

— Official News Release, ND Game & Fish Fisheries crews have completed their annual salmon spawning operation on the Missouri River System after collecting more than 2.5 million eggs. Dave Fryda, North Dakota Game and Fish Department Missouri River System supervisor, said crews easily collected enough eggs to stock the 400,000 smolts planned for Lake

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Wildlife management or hunting? By either name, it’s being considered in Minot

Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily News has the story on the City of Minot’s ad hoc committee tasked with charting a path to deal with a growing number of wildlife-human interactions.

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A 17-pound walleye is swimming in Lake Sakakawea

Every spring Game and Fish wardens trap fish on Lake Sakakawea and harvest their eggs for the fish hatchery. This year, trapped in those nets was a behemoth walleye. Mike McFeely writes of the tale that’s documented with pictures.

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North Dakota continues sampling for larval zebra mussels in Red River

With people and boats moving around for the holiday weekend, here’s a reminder that we have some hard-to-see invaders that we’re trying to keep out of North Dakota waters. Zebra mussels are great hitchhikers, and the fact that there’s now worry and some evidence that they’ve migrated into the Red River drainage system is reason

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If you release fish, here are some tips on how to do it well!

I’ve always preferred simple tackle for fishing – bobbers, jigs, spoons and hooks – though I’m not categorically against using the latest legal tools and technology. I call it low impact angling. Some call it bobbers and worms. Whatever you declare, it’s more about enjoying fish and less about trophy angling, no matter the cost.

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Crowded Waters Require Courteous Boaters

No matter where in North Dakota you call home, finding a place to wet a line or relax on a boating excursion is not too far away. It’s kind of an interesting thought, as the state has more waters than ever to use for all recreation, and we also have more people registering watercraft than

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Deer Gun License Application Deadline Approaching

With North Dakota’s deer gun season license application deadline fast approaching, it’s a good time for a reminder to prospective hunters that the fastest and easiest way through the process is online via the state Game and Fish Department’s website. This is especially true for people who are eligible for gratis licenses, as once you

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