House Bill 1446 Sets The Stage for A Debate On University Tenure

Tenured University professors have long enjoyed a level of job security far less common in other lines of work. And if House Bill 1446 is approved, it’s a situation that will change. The bill sets forth the terms in which tenured professors can be removed by University Presidents and other delegated administrators. And there’s a

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Insulin, Price Caps, and Perspectives from the Outside

A U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services study from 2020 found that insulin prices in the U.S. are as much as 10 times higher than in other developed countries. It’s an issue that’s getting the attention of state legislatures across the country, and the solution that’s increasingly adopted — regardless of which party is

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Senate Bill 2199 Related to Transgender Pronoun Usage and Enforcement Fails

A bill to redefine gender in North Dakota law has failed. Senate Bill 2199 proposed to limit gender definitions in state law to either male or female as determined at birth and created a $1,500 penalty for violation of the law. The bill was given a Do Not Pass recommendation in committee following considerable opposing

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Bills aimed at speeding up construction in Montana see little opposition in Senate committee

The Montana legislature may be budging in on the local development and building approval process. The state is facing a housing shortage, and lawmakers are looking to get bureaucracy out of the way of construction. Two bills, one to allow local jurisdictions to combine forces in the planning and approval phase, and another to force

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North Dakota bills take aim at gender issues; LGBTQ advocates voice opposition

The culture wars rage on in the early going of the ND legislative session. Several bills aimed at, as supporters say, protecting kids from left-wing ideology are working through the system. At stake are the pronouns people use to describe themselves, the right to perform conversion therapy, drag shows, sports participation, and penalties for doctors

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Sen. Jeff Magrum files 8 bills related to Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions has seeking approval to build a 2,000-mile network of carbon capture pipelines connecting several ethanol plants in the upper midwest to final storage locations West of Bismarck. But Senator Jeff Magrum has proposed a number of bills adding significant legislative oversight and hurdles to the proposed project. The bills pertain largely to

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ND Leadership Uniformly Condemn Federal Revision of WOTUS Definition

The EPA in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers published the final “Revised Definition of the Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) on Wednesday. The definition will be effective March 20, 2023. It’s a significant action that greatly expands the scope of federal jurisdiction to all those areas captured under the new definition,

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North Dakota House advances bill banning ‘sanctuary’ cities

A bill that would prohibit North Dakota towns and cities from making policies related to immigration enforcement passed the ND House recently. Jeremy Turley with Inforum has the full story that includes no evidence of any North Dakota towns or cities actually considering laws or policies this bill will prevent.

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Bill would criminalize false allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination

A legislative bill in committee this morning would make it a Class C Felony to falsely accuse someone of sexual harassment and discrimination. House Bill 1256 was sponsored by Grand Forks area Representative Eric Murphy, who was himself exonerated following charges of sexual harassment. Representative Murphy likens the proposed law to legal protections against false

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Cities, businesses are targets of maverick Minnesota lawyers looking for wastewater polluters

It’s a litigious world out there. Even more so in Minnesota lately with regard to water discharged into rivers and streams by cities, small towns, and businesses. In question are the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act, and when water discharged is out of compliance, the penalties can add up fast. And one lawyer

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City of Helena absorbs curbside recycling rate hikes for Helena residents, Rates on the Increase

Resident recyclers of Helena, Montana receive city-subsidized recycling rates, and both the rate and the subsidy are increasing in 2023. The cost for the City for the remainder of 2023 will be $16 per month, the cost to the resident will be ~$8 per month with the City of Helena subsidizing the difference. Both the

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Sports Betting Resolution Passes North Dakota House 

A bill to let the voters decide on sports betting in North Dakota has passed in the House. Lydia Hoverson writing for The Dakotan has the story that includes quotes from two Minot legislators. If the bill is passed in the Senate and signed by the governor, the measure would be placed on the ballot

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North Dakota bills take aim at ‘sexually explicit books’ at libraries and stores

Two bills in the legislature are taking on ‘sexually explicit books’. Senate Bill 2123 and House Bill 1205 both take on the topic, and comments provided by the North Dakota Library Association on the topic were direct and against both. At the core of the problem, taking away people’s freedom to choose what information they

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Federal tax credit for multi-generational home renovations now available to Canadians

What happens when the cost of housing is so expensive that young and old alike can’t get started or can’t afford to continue living alone? In Canada, the solution the federal government is incentivizing is renovating single-family homes to accommodate more people and better allow for multi-generational living. Why does it matter in Minot? We’ve

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North Dakota Senate OKs higher THC limit for medical marijuana patients

A bill to up the limits on the quantities and types of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) that can be purchased from North Dakota’s medical dispensaries is one-third the way to becoming a law. Yesterday, the Senate voted 33-14 to pass the bill that was modified slightly on the floor. Jack Dura with the

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What is the Farm Bill and why does it matter? Here’s what to know.

The Farm Bill is a big, sweeping piece of national legislation that takes place every five years. In 2018, it was funded to the amount of $428 billion. But what’s in it, and what does it do? If you’re a little bit curious, this article from The Gazette is a good primer.

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