Crude-by-rail bill passes Washington House but with big change

The state of Washington’s legislature has been contemplating a bill that would require all oil delivered to the state’s refineries to be shipped with a vapor pressure below 9 psi. It’s a big deal for North Dakota oil producers because a lot of our oil goes west, and we don’t require vapor pressure to be

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Let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free bag

If you weren’t aware, a group of passionate Minot citizens appealed to Minot’s City Council to take up the issue of single-use plastic — particularly disposable plastic bags. After months of information gathering and taking public comment, the group offered several recommendations intended to curb consumption. One of the primary recommendations is a 10-cent tax

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In Winnipeg, Buy local plan fails to gain traction

A proposal from the Winnipeg City Council requested the City develop a policy that gave an advantage to local firms seeking the opportunity to earn City business. But upon further review, the recommendation of an administrative report is to better communicate opportunities to local businesses, but not give them favor on contract terms. This issue

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Department of Health to open medical marijuana dispensary applications next week

The long road to medical marijuana may be drawing to an end, but for Minot, the wait will be longer. The Department of Health will begin accepting applications for local dispensaries starting July 10, but only for the Bismarck and Fargo regions. Applications for the Minot region are expected to open until 2019. The Bismarck

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Fargo experimenting with event-focused liquor license

The Fargo City Commission approved a pilot program law that would grant a license to serve alcohol to the Downtown Community Partnership. The organization is the primary sponsor of several downtown Fargo events and was seeking the authority to sell alcohol to support their efforts.

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With legalization growing elsewhere, marijuana makes up half of North Dakota drug arrests

In North Dakota, more than 50% of drug arrests involve marijuana. Combine that with initiatives to fully legalize the drug and a patchwork of federal, state, and local laws that criminalize possession and what we have is a challenge for law enforcement and lawmakers. The Grand Forks Herald has a primer on the factors that

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Leaning Against the Majority on Hens and Snakes

Tomorrow night at Minot’s special City Council meeting, I’m leaning towards allowing snakes as pets and backyard hens. And if my support ends up in those columns, it would be in spite of what I consider a majority of public input that’s opposed to both. So, with that being the case — me likely voting

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Pitbull Potpourri & Where this Council Member is Leaning

Last month I wrote about the fact that I do think pit bulls — as a breed — represent a danger to public safety. It’s because when they bite people, they often do more damage than when other breeds bite people. And with that in mind, I think it’s appropriate for City Council to address

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