#GoodTalking Minot Beer & Teaching Science

Last week on the first hour of #GoodTalk Minot we were joined by Dr. Brian Schmidt. Brian’s an Associate Professor at Minot State and the Brewer at Souris River Brewing. What do these careers have in common and what’s the added value in drinking local beer? Find out in the conversation below.

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GF School Board team offers ‘unconventional’ contract

Across the state, school boards are in negotiations with teachers to secure contracts for the upcoming school year. And in Grand Forks, the school board put an offer on the table that included the district picking up 100% of the employee contribution to the retirement fund. Pamela Knudson with the Grand Forks Herald has the

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Another week, another voter-rejected school bond proposal

Another Williston-area school district was asking for bond authority to build new schools. The voters said no. This theme has been on replay across Western North Dakota in recent months. It matters in Minot because we have our own school capacity problem. But Minot School officials remain mum on what the plan or approach is

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North Dakota students lead nation in AP exam pass rate increase

Over the past few years and since the legislature made an investment in supporting advanced placement instruction in high schools, North Dakota students have made fast advances on their AP test performance. Get the full good news education story from InForum.

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In school, extracurriculars are more than nice-to-have: they’re essential

With the rise in property taxes around Minot and the ever-tightening budgets, elected officials — by nature — will look for places to cut spending. In schools, that commonly results in cuts to extra curricular activities. But if the goal in education is the development of ‘human capital’, i.e., turning our kids into the most

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Bismarck hires two new coordinators to support Native American students

The transition from a reservation school — where administrators and teachers are more attuned to the particular challenges of native students — to a city school can be daunting. And in Bismarck, where native students make up ~9% of the enrollment, the School District is making an investment in helping these transitions and other challenges

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North Dakota oil patch and small district teachers earn more

The legislature took up the problem of North Dakota’s teacher shortage by easing teacher licensing requirements and there’s a potential state revenue to school district increase in conference committee. Teacher salary is another obvious tool in the teacher recruiting arsenal, and this report from the Grand Forks Herald shares some statewide comparison numbers as well

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North Dakota House passes bill with hopes of easing teacher shortage

North Dakota has a teacher shortage, and the legislature has taken up the problem. Their solution: making it easier to get into teaching — in some cases. The bill approved by the House and now headed to the Senate would allow those with a high school diploma and 4,000 hours of relevant work experience into

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