Making the most of an icy winter in St. Paul

When winter gives them cold and ice, they make the most of it in St. Paul. And it turns out cold and ice are the exact ingredients needed to spin up an ice sculpting competition. Watch the full story at the Star Tribune video linked below.

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North Dakota Make among most welcoming places in the world for 2023 (How Do We Build On This?)

The ranking comes from; they used over 240 million verified reviews from their website. North Dakota made the top 10 in the world’s most welcoming places. Get the full story from CNBC linked below. And we know we’re a friendly place, the question is: now that we have some recognition for it, how do

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Local professor awarded Mentor of the Year honor

Taking time out of your day and giving it to a young person is an act that can have profound effects on the world. So much so that non profit Companions for Children has organized to fulfill the mission of pairing up kids with mentors on a regular basis. And each year, they recognize a

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Visit Minot continues to tell Minot’s story

Dear Minot: We’re all familiar with Minot hosting two of the largest events in North Dakota in the North Dakota State Fair and the Norsk Hostfest. But there are countless community partners who work to help Minot expand its reach beyond our city limits and beyond the borders of our state to attract visitors to

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Construction of natural playground to start this spring in Moorhead

If you were a kid again, what would look like more fun, a red plastic slide, or a real-life set of an Indian Jones movie? It’s a question intended to trigger your imagination, with the final goal of asking is there a better way to build playgrounds? The Fargo Moorhead Rotary Club has answered the

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State AGs Urge US Supreme Court to Address Blocked Railroad Crossings

Eighteen states (not including North Dakota) want to limit the amount of time freight trains can block railroad crossings; they’ve pushed the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court and are hoping the court will accept the case. Increasingly, the freight industry is using longer trains resulting in more an longer blockages. The issue these blockages

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Prairie Grit expanding programs and opportunities

New space and new programs are a part of exciting news coming from Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports these days. Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily has the full story on the partnership with the YMCA and the new opportunities its creating.

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Fargo’s Downtown rink becoming popular site for lunch-time hockey

Lunch hours these days, downtown Fargo is alive with the sound of hockey. It’s not a complicated affair; it’s taking place with light equipment, no nets, and in the style of an old-fashioned pick-up game. It may not be a ‘field’ of dreams, but Fargo is proving that if you build it, they will come.

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Dollar Stores Are the ‘Fastest-Growing’ Food Retailers In US, Study Finds

Food is one of those items we all need. But in communities across the country, access to fresh, local grocery stores is increasingly difficult to find. The trend is measurable, and the food source making up the difference — dollar stores. The problem is, food at dollar stores don’t carry fresh food. The second problem

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North Dakota Tourism Unveils 2023 Plan Along With 100-Year Anniversary Highway Map

Bismarck, ND — Gov. Doug Burgum along with North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman and North Dakota Department of Transportation Division Director for Planning and Asset Management Director Scott Zainhofsky unveiled the new tourism and marketing campaign, and the 100th anniversary edition of the North Dakota state highway map

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Bison spread as Native American tribes reclaim stewardship

There are few symbols more representative of the great plains than the buffalo. Their story is just as evocative. Prior to European expansion west, their numbers were thought to exceed 30 million. A short generation later, the consequences of manifest destiny brought the animals to near extinction. Today, their survival is no longer in doubt,

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Brandon Manitoba Prioritizes Global citizenship, It’s Making a Difference

For almost three decades, our prairie neighbors to the North in Brandon have been making a point to think globally and act locally. It’s more than a call to action, it’s a call to decency. And one citizen is selected annually and recognized. It’s a small award for a big idea, you can learn more

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Grand Forks Invests in Community and Health with Blue Zones Initiative

The idea of ‘Blue Zones’ was born from a couple of Minnesota brothers who traveled the world looking for the places with the longest-lived residents. And once they discovered the places, they figured out what they all had in common. Then they came back to their hometown of Albert Lea, Minnesota, and started copying what

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ND Main Street Initiative reaches 100th community milestone

The Main Street Initiative (MSI) officially reached 100 designated MSI communities last week with Sheyenne becoming the newest community. “We are grateful for everyone across the state who has contributed to these ongoing efforts to create healthy, vibrant communities through the Main Street Initiative,” Gov. Doug Burgum said. “This milestone underscores the dedication and pride

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Billings enters the design phase for a downtown street conversion project

Designs for a downtown Billings makeover are underway. A big part of the project includes a traffic conversion from 1-way streets to 2-way streets that are safer for pedestrians and better for commerce. What’s especially interesting is how Billings plans to pay for the improvements; it’s with a Tax Increment Financing District (TIF). Why does

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Downtown Fargo Developments Expand to Riverfront and Former Parking Lots

The renaissance of downtown Fargo shows no signs of slowing down. Two projects were recently approved by the City Commission. Kilbourn Group will be delivering a $28 million 114-apartment unit development along the riverfront, the goal is to bring that area to life. And another project will deliver a mixed-use commercial and residential development onto

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