Bakken likely to see early dollars in state BVLOS investment

With an appropriation of $28 million coming out of the recent legislative session, the State of North Dakota will make a big investment building out a Beyond Visual Line of Sight network of the emerging UAS industry. But the question remains on where those investment dollars will focus first. Check out this article from the

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How well do electric vehicles perform in cold weather?

Winter’s over (hopefully) but if you’re thinking about a new car purchase and wondering about going electric, you’ll want to be extra mindful of our longest season. Why? We all know batteries don’t perform as well in winter, and electric cars have lots of batteries. Want to know how much performance your prone to to

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Everyone hates passwords. Good news: They’re about to die

If you’re among the high percentage of people who use ‘password’ for your password, don’t worry — your days of the annoying security prompts are numbered. It turns out passwords aren’t the best or even the expected security solution for the future; check out the article linked below from Fast Company to see where we’re

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Future of Farming: Fargo claims first automated farm, hoping for support environment that goes with it

What does the future of farming look like? If you’re in the camp that believes the march of technology is unstoppable, than you’re probably willing to bet on automation. Testing that automation in a literal field is a first step to wider introduction. Check out this story from Inforum to see how Fargo is moving

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This is what you’ll find in the dark spots of the Minot sky — if you look closely for a long time

We know the universe is big, but we’re consistently challenged by contemplating the full scope of what ‘big’ really means. Here’s a helper image. The image below shows an estimated 265,000 galaxies. Some dating back to more than 13.3 billion years ago — back when the universe was young. And while those numbers are impressive

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US facial recognition will cover nearly everyone departing a U.S. airport

The rollout is already started, but completion is expected to take about four more years, At that point, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security expects to capture facial recognition data on ~97% of all departing passengers. The goal is to keep track of who is coming and going and one benefit of that is a

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The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and everyone else

From computers to cars to online dating, odds are high that more of your life is influenced by artificial intelligence and learning algorithms than you realize. These algorithms are why Facebook occasionally freaks you out. You’ve probably experienced this, it’s when your news feed seems to know what you’re thinking or what you want. Perhaps

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The robots are marching, and they can pull a truck, too

While this story is not exclusive to Minot, it helps remind us that we’re not immune to the march of technology. And this company — Boston Dynamics — has been the subject of past publishing here on The Minot Voice.  If you go back and watch those old videos, you’ll get a sense of how

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