Lake Sakakawea remains one of the best walleye waters

You often hear veteran anglers and biologists refer to the current status of North Dakota’s fisheries as “the good old days.” Of course, that’s a general reference and each individual water is unique. Some are doing better than others and at the moment one of those “better” waters is Lake Sakakawea. North Dakota Game and

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#GoodTalking Minot Baseball, Corbett Field, and all things Sabre Dogs

For last week’s second hour of #GTM, we were joined by Sabre Dogs top brass, General Manager Darrell Handelsman and Assistant GM Savannah Young. Tune in below for talk of summer, evenings at the ballpark, what it means to be a professional, and of course, all things baseball.

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A sit down with Easton Stick: Former Bison quarterback prepares for NFL Draft

For the second time in the past few years, a North Dakota quarterback has a good chance of being taken in the NFL draft. Easton Stick wrapped up is NCAA career with a national championship. Now, he’s working to take the next step. Dom Izzo with inForum has the full interview.

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Street art proving to be travel-worthy in India

On the other side of the world, people in India are traveling to see street art after Delhi’s Lodhi Colony laid claim to being the country’s first public art district. Get the story from Quartz, and consider whether Minot’s emerging street art movement and reputation as a regional arts center is an overlooked opportunity to

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ND Travel Industry Convenes in Minot,

Professionals from North Dakota’s travel and tourism industry were in Minot this week to talk shop and figure out how to best sell our towns, cities, and state. Among their formal business: recognizing the extraordinary achievers in their midst. ShyAnne Belzer has the story including details on a Minot winner.

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Let’s be proud of this, and let’s call it The Igloo!

It’s back for its second season. Gaze North across the valley, and you’ll notice it; it’s the giant white marshmallow-like structure near the college. We call it the Air Supported Dome — it’s an accurate if not particularly catchy name. And from my perspective, it’s hard to imagine the community getting better bang for our

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Details on Deer Season

While North Dakota’s 2018 deer gun season continues through Nov. 25, it still generates a fair amount of questions and conversation preseason, midseason and postseason. First off, this year’s deer hunting season did open later than what a lot of people think is normal. The traditional deer opener for more than three decades has been

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Push-Mowing to Preserve the Maah Daah Hey Trail

Are you one who dreads mowing your lawn? If so, what would you think about mowing a 150 miles of rugged wilderness trail while carrying your gasoline with you? Tim Olson has the story on a man who’s makes a big annual commitment to keeping the Maah Daah Hey Trail along the Little Missouri River

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