The Art of Designing a Dangerous-Looking Playground

How do we introduce kids to a world of wonder while keeping them safe? How about give them places to play that spur their imagination, tease their adventure bone, but do it in a chaotic-looking but intentionally safe form. If that’s the answer you were thinking, than you’re going to love the article linked below

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Burgum urges National Park Service to maintain herd of wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

If you’re not aware, the horses in Teddy Roosevelt Park have been in the news because of the possibility of removing them from the park. You’ve got through today to add your own comments for consideration by the National Park Service. Yesterday, Governor Burgum added his on behalf of all of us. Read the full

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State legislators are presenting a resolution to save the wild horses at TRNP

The National Park Service has been studying the livestock including wild horses in Teddy Roosevelt National Park; they can’t find a natural reason within the Park Service’s mandate for them to remain. It’s an issue that, now exposed, is riling up citizens. They’re reached out to state legislators for support. Adrienne Oglesby with KX News

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Warming climate, lots of sunshine boosts Swedish vineyards

We don’t typically think of Sweden as a place for vineyards and wine production, but a couple factors are contributing to growth in the industry — a warming climate, and the lots of sunshine. While it’s colder than the usual places we think of wine, the hours of summer sunshine provided by the northern latitudes

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No More Horses in Teddy Roosevelt National Park?

Removal of at least some of the horses and other non-natural livestock in Teddy Roosevelt National Park is a likely outcome of a pending action from the National Park Service. Jackie Jahfetson with the Bismarck Tribune has the full story linked below, but it boils down to this: The Park Service sees its mission as

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All aboard for winter adventure in Voss, Norway

With Minot home to the Norsk Hostfest, we’re pretty much obligated to bring you stories about Scandinavia. And in case, in the heart of winter, you’re dreaming of getting away to another winter wonderland, it’s a ski trip to Norway that you need to know about. It’s the country that’s said to have invented skiing

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Tournaments & Events Helping Pull Minot Out of Pandemic

What does it take to drive new events (and the people that come with them) into the Magic City for a weekend away? Recently, the answer is regional sports and competition. Coming out of the COVID pandemic Visit Minot proposed a Tourism Recovery & Resilience project. City Council supported it to the tune of $477,000.

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North Portal border crossing selected as one of five for Alaska-bound travellers

Travelers looking to transit through Canada on their way between the U.S. mainland and Alaska have few border crossings to choose from, but the North Portal crossing NW of Minot is one of them. The Estevan Mercury has the full story on what’s required if you plan on driving to Alaska anytime soon.

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Airline magazine puts eyes in the skies on North Dakota

North Dakota will be getting some significant exposure in the American Airline’s in-flight magazine, American Way. The airline will move nearly 16 million passengers in May, and the good things happening in our state will have an inside track to captive eyes. Robin Huebner with Inforum has the story.

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Skein roles out red carpet for MSU Choral group

A group of Minot State music students had the privilege of traveling to Minot’s sister city Skein, Norway recently, and they hospitality they experienced beyond special. Eloise Ogden with the Minot Daily News has the recap story.

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The marauding Vikings were also expert traders, craftsmen and farmers

If you’re a fan of vikings — our Scandinavian ancestors, not the football team — you might appreciate a trip to Minneapolis this summer to check out the traveling exhibit on display at the American Swedish Institute. “The Vikings Begin” is on display until the end of October, you’ll find artifacts and emerging theories on

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Little Missouri kayak trip attracts attention of wild horses

The Little Missouri River cuts a wandering path through the badlands, and when the water is running, it makes for a stunning kayak or canoe trip. But the sight of a kayak is rare enough that it recently caught the attention of more typical badlands residents — a herd of wild horses. Catch the full

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Watch & Listen – Minot State Choir making friends and music in Skein

Minot State Choir is in Minot’s sister city Skein, Norway this week as a part of a cultural exchange. Watch and listen to a few of their performances below.

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Previewing the 2019 Medora Musical with the Burning Hills Singers

Rehearsals are underway for one of North Dakota’s great traditions of summer — the Medora Musical. Check out the article from KX News and Tim Olson that includes a video interview with cast members and teases some of the changes in this years show.

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The story of creating North Dakota’s first National Park

Prairie Public’s Dakota Datebook has the story on the creation of North Dakota’s first national park. And here’s a hint — it’s not the one you think it is. Follow the link at the bottom for the full story, but here’s a teaser. “Conservation and rural life policies are really two sides to the same

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Hitchhiking to Egypt and ancient life on the Giza Plateau

This week’s second hour of #GoodTalk Minot featured Minot-native Dr. Mark Lehner, world renown authority on what life was really like at the time the Great Sphinx and pyramids were built. As interesting as the ancient Egypt side of the conversation is, you may appreciate the story of how Dr. Lehner found himself there in

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