EPA officials visit ND for Grain Growers Association’s 25th E-Tour | Agweek

What do you get when you put a bunch of common-sense North Dakota farmers on a bus with a bunch of Washington bureaucrats? No, this isn’t a set-up for a joke — it’s a real-life news story, and the meeting happened not-far from Minot. Agweek has the article on the meeting that’s the hopeful basis

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Continental Resources oil sale to China complex

One of North Dakota’s largest oil producers, Continental Resources, announced it has a deal in place to sell ~33,500 barrels per day of ND produced sweet crude to China. The deal creates logistics challenges in form of ensuring Continental oil isn’t comingled with other sources before being loaded and shipped, and it’s only possible because

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Commentary: Rules of Fencing, the Never-Ending chore, are Never Forgotten

If your life is on the ranch, then a lot of your days are spent along the fence. Watford City musician, writer and rancher Jesse Veeder captures the spirit and essential rules of the time-honored activity in this commentary from AgWeek.

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Commentary: Whiskey’s for Drinkin, Water’s for Fightin

  New regulations handed down by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers are set to make life a little more burocratic for farmers and ranchers. And for one North Dakota farmer-attorney, that means getting more things in writing so he’s covered legally.

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Editorial: Anti-corporate legislation won’t save small communities

The Forum editorial board weighs in on North Dakota Farmers Union’s action to put anti-corporate farming law on the ballot. Their take, agriculture production has changed and the law ND Farmers Union wants passed will not be a savior for small towns.

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AgweekTV: RDO Owner Ron Offutt, Dairy Farm Technology, and COOL News

In this weeks AgweekTV, RDO owner Ron Offutt speaks on his company’s plan to add almost 7,000 acres of potato production land reliant on irrigation from an aquifer, Country of Origin Labeling, and modern technology driven dairy farming.

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Oil Patch Paradox: Busy Roads and Slow Internet

If you’re living in the oil patch, little things like a hilltop with a good cell phone signal — so you can hook up to the digital world — are valuable assets. Jessie Veeder, a Watford City musician, writer, and rancher offers her perspective on oil patch paradox.

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N.D. Stockmen Praise Country of Origin Labeling Appeal

Local producers of beef, chicken, and pork represented through the ND Stockman’s Association are for getting rid of the country of origin labeling requirement for beef, a federal regulation believed to be responsible for $4-5 per head in additional production costs.

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