A Toxic Legacy: North Dakota Looks To Clean Up Old Oilfield Waste

One of the considerable by-products of oil production in North Dakota is the extremely salty wastewater we get back along with the oil. It’s not a new problem. And though modern practices inject wastewater deep underground, there are still a number of legacy era brine pits that continue to leach salt water contamination into nearby

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While One Tribe Fights Oil, Another Cautiously Embraces It

While one tribe fights relentlessly against the pipline, another stands to gain tremendously from it and the quick path to market for the oil produced there. The MHA Nation finds itself in a unique position in the debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline; Amy Sisk with Inside Energy has the story.

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What Happens When the Wells Go Dry?

In North Dakota, most of our oil development is on the rural prairie where it mostly out of sight and mind. But in Colorado and Wyoming, a new problem is surfacing. Urban sprawl is stretching into former oil territory and long forgotten wells are creating problems.

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Watch & Learn: What Happened To Coal?

  There’s a lot of rhetoric being thrown around by environmentalists and coal lobbyists these days. So much so, it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction. But there’s no doubt the coal industry is in a period of transition; what’s not as clear is the idea that environmental regulations are the sole cause. The video

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How One Boomtown Is Trying To Outsmart A Bust

Few towns in the heart of the oil boom have felt the pressure of growth as much as Watford City. And now, more than a year into the downward trend, the city is starting to evaluate the success of some of it’s post-boom policy planning.

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In The Bakken Oilfield, An Explosion In Electricity Demand

The present oil slowdown notwithstanding, electricity demand in North Dakota has grown significantly over the past decade and particularly in the Bakken region. And the increase in consumption has created challenges for utilities tasked with powering the region.

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In Oilfield Towns, A Boom In Flame Resistant Clothing

FR clothing which is shorthand for fire resistant. And the boom in oil, means a boom in oil workers, which means a boom in FR clothing. Get the story on a new industry booming from growth in an old industry by Inside Energy.

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How Much Do You Know About Where Our Electricity Comes From?

The U.S. electrical grid is the original ‘web’, and it’s an aging piece of important infrastructure. The energy that traverses it shapes business, the environment, geopolitics, and almost every facet of our daily lives. Want to know more about it? Check this out.

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