Break Out of Your Scrambled Egg Rut With These International Recipes

Looking to add a bit of variety and spice into your morning routine? If the two eggs over medium on toast isn’t quite cutting it anymore, here are a couple easy alternatives that will help you start your day with a bit of international flavor.

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Seven Tips to Strike Up Conversation with Anyone

The world dreads small talk, but getting beyond it can be the challenge in new and uncertain social situations. So, if you’ve ever wondered about how to get a little deeper into the conversation, here are a couple tips.

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10 Internet Safety Rules to Teach Children Before They Go Online

The rise of the Internet and pervasively available technology has created opportunities and challenges across the spectrum. And that includes with raising kids. Most parents are figuring it out as they go, but if you’re just getting started, here’s a primer on the lessons your kid needs to know.

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When It’s Worth Springing for Synthetic Motor Oil In Your Car

It’s widely known that synthetic oil is better for engines, but there are a few situations where it’s a bit more important. This brief article from Consumer Reports walks you through them.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Interrupt, If You Know What You’re Talking About

The term that describes the state of readiness is ‘active listening’ and it’s your job to inject yourself into a conversation when you have something to offer and you know what you’re talking about. At least that’s the advice of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

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Cord Cutting: Chromecast Now Has Support for CBS, Fox, FX, and HGTV

Are you getting tired of the incessant din of cable television? Google’s Chromecast is adding new providers which means your a la carte options are improving.

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Learn: This Infographic Teaches You How to Grow Dozens of Vegetables

Spring is springing a few weeks earlier than normal this year, and that means time to start thinking about gardens. If you’ve got one going in for the first time or need a little refresher, LifeHacker has you covered with this helpful graphic.

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​How Food Marketers Make You Think You’re Choosing Healthy Food

The more you know about media and marketing, the scarier the world becomes. It’s because marketing has become as much science as art, and our behaviors as a species are both predictable and exploitable. Get up to speed on how you’re being manipulated here.

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