Education: We Put STEM First — And This Is What Happened

  Getting kids excited about technical fields like science, math, and engineering is no easy task. Here’s how one high school did it.

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Learn: Verbal Commitment vs. National Letter of Intent

Got an athletic kid? If they’re looking at college and colleges are looking at them, then this article is worth a read. It’s a concise overview on  the difference between a ‘verbal commitment’ and a ‘National Letter of Intent’.

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6 Cost-Savers to Make Paying for College Easier

  Got a kid heading to college in the next few years? Worried about the rising cost of tuition? Worried about your kid graduating beholden to the bank? If you answered yes, this article has a few simple tips that might save you from sticker shock.

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Dyslexia in Children: Essentials Parents Should Know

If a kid has dyslexia, it makes learning to  read and write harder. Understanding how to deal with it starts with knowing the basic facts and learning how to recognize the tell-tale signs. This article from is a good primer.

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Great Gap Year Programs for Outdoor-Loving Students

Got a kid who isn’t quite ready for a serious education or maybe just finished but isn’t sure what to do? Taking a year off isn’t always the worst idea in the world, and these are programs provide a structured way to do something constructive.

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The Most Significant Technological Advances in Education for 2015

Get up to speed on some the big-picture technology trends and how they’ll likely be affecting classrooms both today and in the future.

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Grit: What Your Kids Learn Through Academic Failure

In the age of helicoptering and hyper-involved parenting, the time old tradition of failing has become less common. But there’s evidence to show, that allowing kids to fail is an experience that will serve them well.

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What to Do if Your Child Isn’t Challenged Enough at School

One problem with public education is the system requires teaching a lot of kids with different learning aptitudes. If your kid is on the front of the curve, here are some tips help keep them engaged in their education.

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