Looking in on North Dakota’s ‘Hands Off’ Approach To Pipeline Reclamation

Journalist Kevin Killough takes a closer look at North Dakota’s regulatory environment regarding pipelines, especially those that are serving the Bakken region. His conclusion — taking a partnership approach rather than an adversarial one has served the state well.

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USDA’s Free Lunch Program Growing Dramatically in Scope, Some Concerned

Get the story and commentary on a summer lunch program with good intentions that may need oversight. Some are concerned that increased numbers are coming from serving those not qualified and  that those same numbers will be used to justify the program in the future.

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Heidi Heitkamp: Allowing U.S. Crude Oil Exports Won’t Raise Gas Prices

  How do you know when something is news and a no brainer? When Heidi Heitkamp and Rob Port are on the same side of an issue.

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Finding God In Western North Dakota

For one longtime North Dakotan, the landscape of Medora and the badlands is a place of inspiration and introspection. And an annual return to the source is an opportunity to share fellowship with others who have found something worthwhile in our landscape and history.

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North Dakota Gets a “B-” When It Comes To Civil Asset Forfeiture Policy

If you or your car is involved in a crime, when do the police have the right to take away your car? The topic is known as civil asset forfeiture. Rob Port brings you up to speed and shares his thoughts in this article.

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UND President Robert Kelley Announces Retirement

  Effective this January, Robert Kelly will be stepping down as President of UND. The announcement was made after the results of a staff survey revealed a work atmosphere that was less than favorable.

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Ray is Running Short On Poop, Making Business Owners Mad

Consider this one of those only-in-an-oil-boom problems. It seems Ray overbuilt their sewage treatment plant in anticipation for more growth, and now they need more sewage to keep it operating. So now they’re giving the service away, and that’s making sewage business owners mad.

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Commentary: Should State Government Trump Local Government When It Comes To Energy Regulation?

When it comes to regulating the oil and gas industry, should a municipality have final say on how things happen in their town? It’s a question now front and center after Texas lawmakers created a ban on fracking bans. Rob Port has the story.

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