‘America First’ may be last hope for these cattle ranchers

The pressure on the ranching business is coming from every direction. You may have previously read about competition from a new product line. In the story linked below, you’ll find a challenge of a more political nature. David Lynch with the Washing Post has the story on the impacts of world trade — and the

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Temperatures up, snow melting earlier in Western U.S.

In the story below, you’ll read about North Dakota’s recently lower grades on air quality. The culprit is Western fires. If you follow this link through to the Washington Post, you’ll read that temperatures in the Western U.S. average 2 degrees warmer and snow melts a month earlier than 50 years ago. One result: more

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Washington Just Passed a Bill to Become The First US State to Legalise Human Composting

Last week you may have caught a quick Minot Voice story about the future of funerals. They’re changing because what we want at that last ritual is changing. If that article didn’t convince you, here’s another: Washington has become the first state to legalize human composting. In other words, if you really want to push

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The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic – just in time for death boom

Have you noticed our rituals around death changing? You’re not just imagining it, and as the largest generation in U.S. history begins contemplating end-of-life issues, we’re likely to experience as many changes to the conventional funeral as we’ve seen in other stages of the baby-boomers life experience. The Washington Post has the story.

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Shopping habits are hurting American jobs, especially today

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was the rise of the mall that dramatically changed shopping habits and the retail delivery model. Today, it’s the Internet and giant online retailers like Amazon. The consumer behavior is shifting toward the model that provides lower prices and more convenience, and the pace of the change is increasing.

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Opioid epidemic is swamping U.S. hospitals with 1.3M ER trips, hospitalizations

The opioid drug crisis is one of those issues that might not hit home unless you have a personal experience with a family member or friend, but the trickle-down impacts of the problem are effecting all of us in less obvious ways. And one area where the crisis is putting pressure on our systems is

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Winter Tip: Embrace the Danish Concept of Hygge

  Loosely translated, it matches up with our idea of ‘coziness’, but there’s more to it than that.  Pronounced ‘Hooga’, it is an attitude, a feeling, and a contented pursuit all in one.

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B.B. King, Mississippi-Born Master of the Blues, Dies at 89

Blues legend B.B. King passed away in his home at the age of 89. He was one of the most influential musicians of our time. For more on the life and music of Mr. King, check out this article on Wikipedia. For more on his music, just listen below. title image: B.B. King at a

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