Moving back to the Midwest was the best money I ever spent

North Dakota and our small towns have long had a problem of out-migration. And it’s not just our young people; when they get married and start having kids, the grandparents often follow. It’s a double-edged sword that cuts both talent, youthful exuberance, and experience from our communities. Measured over decades and in aggregate, these are

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E-Cigarettes & Vaping: The Best Information We Have Now

E-cigarettes are new technology that deliver nicotine to users without the smoke. And nobody, particularly government, knows just what to make of them. In this article, VOX collates the best information we have on the topic that includes what we know about health effects.

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Immigration: The First Thing We Need to Fix

We all know the immigration system is broken. And the media and politicians like to score points on illegal immigration, but if we’re going to fix the problem, we need to first fix legal immigration. Here’s one guy’s personal experience with the problem.

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A Surprisingly Fascinating Theory for why Canada is so Boring

I disagree with the primary tenet of this title; I didn’t write it either. But if you’re Canadian and want to laugh and think a little about what makes Canada Canadian, one journalist thinks it’s an intentionally crafted national identity of carefully cultivated boringness.

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Iceland Put Bankers in Jail Rather Than Bailing Them Out — and it Worked

The bailout of the America’s big investment banks seven years ago has proven to be a controversial decision. At the time, the concept was sold to us as ‘we don’t have a choice’, but Iceland did, in fact, make some different choices — and the world did not end. This article on the tactics used

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Who Invented the Piano? And Why was he Forgotten?

For an instrument so common, the inventor is a somewhat unheralded fellow. It turns out the piano has a more than 300-year history; get the rest of the story from VOX.

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Dog Intelligence: Our Family Pets are Smarter than Scientists Realize

For those who have dogs, evidence of high-intelligence is pretty easy to come by, but anecdotal proof isn’t good enough for science. Now it seems the data-backed evidence is starting is starting to arrive — dogs are pretty smart and very intuitive.

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How 13 Wild West Legends Got Their Nicknames

Ever wonder how folks like Doc Holliday and Calamity Jane got their nicknames. Wonder no more. Phil Edwards writing at VOX found the background story on some of the West’s most infamous characters.

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