ND Lawmakers Will Consider Bill Legalizing Concealed Carry In Schools

The requirements for the permit would be significant including training with local law enforcement, but it might be an alternative to placing resource officers in schools. The bill is sponsored by Representative Dwight Kiefert of Valley City.

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ND Chief Justice Addresses Legislature, Asks for More Judges & Staff

Chief Justice  Gerald VandWalle spoke before the Legislature on Wednesday. The message: we need more help in the form of people. VandeWalle called for four new judges and 15 additional staff members to help, particularly in oil-impacted counties.

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ND Association of Counties Oppose Making Property Taxes Available Online

It’s a bill that would make it easier to search who owns what, and what taxes are paid on each property. Ward County does not have this service available online but would be required to provide it if the bill passes.

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2015 Legislature to Take Up the Way We Fill Vacated Senate & House Seats

This story a couple days ago, and it’s no surprise the issue is getting politicized. Rob Port offers his thoughts, but the last sentence is most important, “… reform was inspired by the immediate politics of 2016, but even if that’s true it remains sound reform.”

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Oil Country Funding Gets Top Billing at Legislative Session

The 2015 Legislature will convene on Tuesday, and oil country funding will be a popular topic throughout the session. Get a breakdown of the major issues and the potential impact of dropping oil prices on the session from Mike Nowatzki.

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Tensions Build in North Dakota over Common Core Education Standards

Say the words ‘Common Core’ and you’ll likely get a response in one way or another. And it looks like the issue will be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.

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Should State Universities Be Protecting Students Personal Info?

During the last election, Odney Advertising submitted a public information request seeking the release of names, addresses, phone numbers, and email for the state’s 48,000 higher ed students; the information was used for political purpose. A proposed bill would remove much of this info from public records requests.

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Falling Oil Prices Have Attention of State Legisators

Legislators are watching carefully and wondering if falling oil prices will trigger a reduction in the amount of the oil extraction tax… an event that would have a significant effect on two-year budget.

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