Lawmakers Propose Bill To Eliminate Montana Sales Tax Exemption

Montana residents are currently exempt from sales tax on items over $50, but a lawmaker from Grand Forks is introducing a bill to eliminate that exemption. Business owners in Williston say the effects would be significant.

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Early Education Bill Would Provide Families With Dollars

The 2015 Legislature will consider a bill that would give families grants of up to $1,500 for early education costs. The grants would only be available through community specified early education providers.

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Board of Higher Education Revises Legislation to Restrict Open Records

The State Board of Higher Education revised the language in its proposed legislation on restricting access to University President evaluations. New language clarifies that final reviews will be made public. Additionally, language on restricting internal draft audits was removed.

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Reform Sales Tax Monies Distribution?

Representative Gary Sukut (District 1, Williston) is proposing a new formula for distributing money raised from the state sales tax. The proposed system would adjust amounts distributed to minor-hub towns so money is distributed by sales volume rather than population.

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Governor Dalrymple Releases 2015-2017 Budget

Governor Dalyrmple released his proposed budget for the 2015-2017 biennium. The proposed $15.7 billion budget is a record amount that includes significant spending for oil impacted counties. For independent press coverage of the budget, read Nick Smith’s article on the Bismarck Tribune. The Governor’s complete news release on the budget including pdf versions of charts

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Superintendent Vollmer’s Comments on Energy Impact Dollars

In the current round of applying for State energy impact dollars, Minot’s status as a ‘hub city’ worked against Minot Public Schools. Superintendent Vollmer believes the formula for distributing those dollars needs an adjustment and is hopeful the 2015 legislature will address the issue.

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Zero Percent State Income Tax Rate?

Representative Scott Louser will introduce the income tax bill in the up coming session.

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Common Core Standards Battle Takes Shape

The Common Core education standards are a hot button issue, and we’re going to get a taste of the debate during the upcoming legislative session. ¬†Get a good preliminary overview of the issue and some of the players in this piece from The Forum News Service.

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