Gov. Dalrymple Signs Corporate Farming Bill

For the first time in 83 years, non-family owned corporate farmers will be able to operate dairy and swine farms. The bill was signed by Governor Dalrymple Friday. More from WDAZ out of Fargo.

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Measure to Allow Alcohol Sales on Sunday Before Noon Passes Senate

A bill that would make a Sunday morning bloody mary  a little easier to purchase has now passed the Senate after quick amendment that would prevent off sale and a second vote. If signed, the bill would allow alcohol sales at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

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Backers say Digital Driver’s Licenses Worth a Look

Most of us now carry a phone with us everywhere we go, and the technology to turn that device into digital personal identification is becoming a reality… so much so that lawmakers are pushing for a study to examine the idea for North Dakota.

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Rice Lake Funding Faltering in Legislature

$15 million in funding for rising-water mitigation at Rice Lake is has been stripped down to $2 million in the Senate.  

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Legislature: Spending Bills Will Wait for Revenue Forecasts

We’re a couple weeks away from the latest revenue forecasts that account for the changes in the recently volatile oil markets. Those forecasts will play a big role in the final budget for the 2015-2017 biennium.

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Surge Funding: How We’re Spending It

Following the passage of the surge funding bill that includes $32 million for Minot, we reached out to City of Minot officials to see how that money is earmarked. Here’s the official news release on that topic and the continued reform of the formula for distributing oil tax revenues. — Official News Release, City of

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North Dakota House Takes Lawyers, Auditors Away From The University System

If a recently passed House bill clears the Senate, lawyers and auditors for the State’s University system will no longer be hired and paid in-house, but rather by independent state agencies. Get the details and commentary from Rob Port and Say Anything

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Dalrymple Signs Surge Funding Bill

Governor Dalrymple made it official this afternoon. The surge funding for the oil-impacted west is on the way, construction projects will be able to get underway this spring. The bill includes $32 million for Minot. The full news release from the Governor’s office is below. — Official News Release, Governor Dalrymple — Gov. Jack Dalrymple

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