Legislature Opts to Sue Governor Doug Burgum Over Vetoes

Shortly after the close of the legislative session, Governor Burgum took out his red veto pen and added his own thoughts to some of the legislation. That left a few of our legislative leaders a bit ruffled, and now after a couple months of deliberation and an Attorney General’s opinion that stated the Governor did

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North Dakota House committee approves medical marijuana bill

The medical marijuana bill that rewrites the ballot-measure initiative continues to progress through the legislature. It passed out of House committee recently and will be on the House flood next where it will need a 2/3 vote. John Hageman with the Grand Forks Herald has the details on the next steps and changes.

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A Prosecutors Perspective on Confidential Informant Legislation

The discussion around “Andrew’s Law” this legislative session has been emotional charged. When a law is named after a person who’s no longer with us and born from a tragic situation, it’s easy to get caught in the idea that we must act and accept the first pitch. Ladd Erickson argues that Senate’s decision to

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Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill Fails by a 46-0 Vote in Senate

In North Dakota, the police can take your property if the feel it has been used in a crime. And the transfer of that property to the state is not dependent on whether you’re convicted or charged with the alleged crime. To put some check and balance in the equation, Representative Rick Becker sponsored a

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ND Senate Approves Bill That Reduces Oil Spill Reporting

A bill that wold reduce the reporting requirements on oil and produced-water spills continues to progress through the legislature. House Bill 1151 eliminates the requirement to report spills of less than 10 barrels (420 gallons) that are contained on a drill site. Amy Dalrymple provides a deeper look at the details at The Oil Patch

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We Can No Longer Afford the Hypocrisy

Good Morning Senator Hogue and Senator Larsen, I’m writing to provide a last minute appeal for House Bill 1163 regarding the removal of North Dakota’s Sunday closing laws. And because this debate is just the latest in a series at both the state and local level that has me concerned, I’m publishing this letter publicly

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On the Record: Local Legislators Comment on Flood Protection Funding

House Bill 1020 is the State Water Commission appropriations bill. It’s a big deal for Minot because it’s the Water Commission that contributes money to flood protection. In other words, if the Water Commission is appropriated money for flood protection, then Minot has a chance at getting some of those dollars. The bill was passed

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House majority leader proposes North Dakota-owned casinos

North Dakota’s House majority leader, Republican Al Carlson, is advancing a bill that would allow the creation of six state-owned casinos. If it passes the legislature, voters would also be required to approve the plan. The Bismarck Tribune has the story.

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