Washington D.C. Tackles Emissions with Dockless Bikes

In a follow-up to a brief story last week on the sharing economy and new technology changing the nature of bike-share programs, there’s this example of the technology in action in our nation’s capital. Check out the full article on Scientific American

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Why Investors Are Betting That Bike Sharing Is the Next Uber

You’ve probably heard of Uber and Lyft — the ride-sharing companies and business models that are rewriting the books on the traditional cab business, car ownership, and likely city and road design, too. But sharing economy is still an infant; we’ve not yet imagined the possibilities it unlocks. Perhaps, the ability to unlock a bike,

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Grand Forks bike-share program could be rolling by fall

Following in Fargo’s footsteps, a coalition of Grand Forks leaders are developing plans for a bike-share program. If you don’t know, bike-share programs create bike-renting stations at different points in a community allowing users to grab a bike from one location, ride it, and then return it at another location. Fargo started their program in

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