DOT’s Releases New Oil Train Safety Regulations, Senator Hoeven’s Comments

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation issued new rules regulating the transportation of flammable liquids by rail. The notable regulations: a timeline for replacing outdated tanker cars with newer cars, a new braking standard for certain trains, and new operational guidelines including speed limits in some cases. The news release from the DOT is included below,

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Hoeven: Canadian Pacific Railway Commits to Keeping Key Crossing in Enderlin Open

Enderlin, a small town in SE North Dakota took on Canadian Pacific in a short-lived federal lawsuit last fall, the issue — trains sitting in town blocking crossings. The suit was quickly dropped, but it appears a compromise has been reached after all. The full news release from Senator Hoeven’s office follows below. — Official

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Done Waiting for Trains… Enderlin Backs Off, Berthold Hits the Gas

Berthold may soon be ticketing train engineers if a train blocks both in-town crossings for more than 20 minutes. Meanwhile in Enderlin, the City repealed an ordinance making the same behavior illegal after a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court.

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Fighting the Waiting: Enderlin versus Canadian Pacific

The small S.E. North Dakota town is taking on the railroad giant in court. The issue, trains stopped on the tracks that make getting around in the town of 900 a daily hassle. It’s a David vs. Goliath case with big implications.

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