Manitoba flood forecasters move into new facility

As the season of flood concern draws closer, forecasters responsible for watching water levels in Manitoba are starting this season in a new office with state-of-the-art equipment. It’s an improvement brought forward based on lessons learned in 2011.

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Manitoba Flood Forecast Misses Mark, Costs Farmers

Flood forecasting is tricky business, and farmers in Manitoba will pay the price for a missed forecast this year. Get the full story on the unanticipated larger flows into the upper Assiniboine river from the Winnipeg Free Press.

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Canadians Release March Flood Forecast, Risk is Minimal

February saw an increase in the amount of snowpack in the upper reaches of the Souris basin, but the overall forecast is for minimal risk of flooding in the basin as a result of winter runoff. Here’s Souris Basin’s outlook from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency: Rafferty and Alameda reservoirs were lowered to their normal

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Flood Foreast Favorable: ISRB Hosts Winter Meeting

The early-season flood forecast looks good along the Souris River, but officials warn that it’s a basin that can change quickly. And on the long-term operating plan and possible changes, it seems bureaucracy is now holding the process from moving forward.

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Saskatchewan Early Flood Forecast is Favorable

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency issue their February forecast for spring runoff. This is still an early forecast and late winter and spring weather systems have the potential to change this outlook significantly, but at this point, the threat of flooding along the Souris River is low. Here’s the excerpt on the Souris River… Rafferty

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