Conservatives, liberals, populists, libertarians… and now, the localists

A couple stories down on our home page news feed (or here) you’ll find a slanted-toward-hopeless perspective on the challenges in rural America written by NYT columnist Paul Krugman. His suggestion: he doesn’t know how America can fix [insert-name-of-small-town-here]. And in a great reversal of perspective, another NYT columnist, David Brooks, makes the argument that

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Robinson, Rugby both feel confident as continental centers

This is unilaterally voted by the editor of The Minot Voice as the most important North Dakota news story of 2017. Read and enjoy.

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Small towns find ways to keep grocery stores going

It’s been said that schools are the heart of small towns, and if that’s the case, it may be that grocery stores are the centers of commerce. And as rural North Dakota demographics change, some small towns are finding creative ways to keep their local grocery stores afloat. Check out the story from the West

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The Opportunity for Rural Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries is Big

Up here on the Northern Plains, we drink a lot of beer. It’s a fact we all acknowledge. And the question they’re starting to ask in Minnesota is what would happen if more of the beer that we consume was brewed locally? What if the corner bar was actually a corner brewery with a taproom?

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Local Minot artists open artist cooperative gallery

A group of Minot artists is combining efforts to open a cooperative gallery in the Artspace building. Their mission: to create great art for the community and a great community for artists. Artists and patrons are welcome to become members, a ribbon cutting is scheduled December 1st.

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Facebook Shouldn’t Bother Policing Fake News—It Should Go Local Instead

Whatever your place on the political spectrum — left, right, or indifferent — we can almost all agree that the national news is broken. Facebook is trying to ‘fix’ the news by eliminating fake news, but there are a few of us making the argument that we should begin focusing our attention inward — locally.

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