New Nickname Plan on its Way to UND President | Grand Forks Herald

It’s not a new nickname yet, but it’s the plan that will lead to one, and the UND President will hear about it Friday.    

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Confidential Counselor Opens Doors at UND

The position is a week old and has yet to see students, but the hope is that it will make easier to ask for help in the event of a sexual assault.        

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UND Staff Spend 34 Hours Weekly Answering Nick Name Inquiries?

Commentary: This story is dying after the bill to extend the deadline failed in committee, but the article outlines some difficult-to-believe claims about the resources being used by UND staff regarding the current nickname. Perhaps the Universty System does need an overhaul.      

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Committee Votes Down Bill to Delay New UND Nickname

U.N.D.’s plan to adopt a new nickname will proceed as scheduled after a bill in the Legislature that would have extended the deadline for choosing a new nickname was voted down in committee.

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State Legislature Takes Up UND Nickname Again

House bill 1155, sponsored by Rep. Scott Louser of Minot would extend the moratorium on choosing a new U.N.D. nickname through 2017.

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UND students win international competition with UAS

U.N.D. students won first place in an international design competition for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The team scored a lot of points for designing a UAV capable of lifting a heavy load.

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UND Nickname Task Force Formulates Plan

Like it or not, the school will be moving on from the Fighting Sioux nickname. One possibility is to remain simply ‘U.N.D.’, but the job of picking will fall to a new committee made up of stake-holders.

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