Stillwater, MN panel proposes cutting back on free public parking downtown

Have you ever thought about how much parking we have in Minot? If you haven’t, start paying attention as you’re out and about how many parking lots we have and how many open spaces we have in them. Then consider how often you pay for parking; it’s probably not very often.

It’s nice to have free parking, right? Of course, we all know parking isn’t free. It’s just that the cost is hidden from us. We know parking can’t be free because we know that land isn’t free and concrete and asphalt aren’t free. So we must be paying for it somewhere, right?

Well, in Stillwater, MN they’re talking about bucking the trend. They want to make the people who use the parking pay for the parking. It’s a radical idea. We’ll be watching to see where it goes. Get the full story from the Star Tribune.

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Matt McKinney, Star Tribune


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