In Fargo, pilot project to bury alley overhead utilities approved

Here in Minot, the City is proud of our downtown infrastructure project. And appropriately so — it was a big project and the improvements were long needed. But from a critical perspective — we did a great job on our underground infrastructure like water, sewer, and storm sewer, but we missed on the overhead stuff

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The high cost of free parking in Minot

With news out of Michigan that an appeals court has ruled chalking tires unconstitutional, some cities may be forced to innovate how they regulate parking. While it’s too early to say exactly how the ruling will shake out, there’s no doubt that if it holds, we’ll feel it. It’s because in North Dakota, parking meters

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Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

There is no rage like a citizen who gets a parking ticket. In North Dakota, one of those citizens led a charge to eliminate a cities ability to price parking with parking meters. That political battle was fought decades ago; that citizen was successful and a law banning parking meters is still in place today.

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When does a minimum wage become too high?

If the government mandates an increase in the minimum wage, will it reduce the number of jobs available? Simple economic principles suggest yes — the more expensive to provide jobs, the fewer employers will provide. But simple economic principles don’t always win out in the real world. The article linked below from MPR highlights a

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North Dakota legislative panel votes to give state treasurer larger pay boost

After the pay-freeze of the last biennium, salaries for state employees have been a big topic for the legislature this session. Among the topics under discussion, attempting to equalize salaries for top elected positions. John Hageman has the story on the debate that may see one elected official get a proportionally bigger raise in the

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Road infrastructure is expensive, self-driving cars will demand more of it

For most in Minot, the idea of a self-driving car is pretty far off. For the companies chasing the opportunity, the technology is much closer than most realize. For a community like ours, this shift has big implications. And the common assumption is that when it arrives, self-driving cars will reduce traffic and congestion. But

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Last Week’s Leftovers: How far we’ve traveled in the galaxy and more

Each week the news feed fills up with more than gets pushed out to you. So, here’s a single-post-clearing-house to get those stories out that may or may not have a whole lot to do with Minot but were interesting none-the-less. It’s good grist for the curious mind. We haven’t gone very far in the

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Gov. Burgum signs bill for ND social services redesign

Historically, social services in North Dakota have been delivered by the counties. But moving forward, a regionalized system made up of 19 social service units will be the new norm. Governor Burgum signed Senate bill 2124 last week; the full news release is below. — Official News Release, Governor Burgum — BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug

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