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News: State legislators are presenting a resolution to save the wild horses at TRNP

The National Park Service has been studying the livestock including wild horses in Teddy Roosevelt National Park; they can’t find a natural reason within the Park Service’s mandate for them to remain. It’s an issue that, now exposed, is riling up citizens. They’re reached out to state legislators for support. Adrienne Oglesby with KX News [...]

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Perspectives: Fargo’s Downtown rink becoming popular site for lunch-time hockey

Lunch hours these days, downtown Fargo is alive with the sound of hockey. It’s not a complicated affair; it’s taking place with light equipment, no nets, and in the style of an old-fashioned pick-up game. It may not be a ‘field’ of dreams, but Fargo is proving that if you build it, they will come. [...]

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News: Military probing whether cancers linked to nuclear silo work

The Associated Press has a story tied to military service with Minot Air Force Base implications. Nine service members tied to nuclear missile silo work decades ago in Montana have been diagnosed with blood cancer. There are indications it maybe related to their service period at Malmstrom Air Force Base. Get the full story from [...]

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News: Creighton University’s Mid-America Economy Survey Releases December Results, Economic Confidence Waning

Creighton University produces a monthly economic report for nine states they have defined as middle America. The survey looks at economic indicators like production, inventories, employment, delivery lead times, prices, etc and puts them all together into a score. In December, that aggregate score dipped below ’50’ indicating we’re looking at some economic contraction. The [...]

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Commentary: North Dakota leaders to remind Minnesota not to regular inter-state commerce

North Dakota’s Industrial Commission is made up of Governor Burgum, Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring, and Attorney General Drew Wrigley. They met on Wednesday, and among the items they considered was proposed Minnesota legislation requiring electricity consumed in Minnesota to come from non-carbon bearing production methods. The Industrial Commission acted to draft a letter reminding Minnesota [...]

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Perspectives: Minnesota businesses get creative amid worker shortage

From pet insurance to flexible scheduling, business owners in Minnesota are innovating out of need, and the need is to adapt and survive amidst a challenging market for employees. It matters in Minot because our economy and businesses are facing the same pressures, so any ideas we can take from other places is worth a [...]

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Perspectives: Warming climate, lots of sunshine boosts Swedish vineyards

We don’t typically think of Sweden as a place for vineyards and wine production, but a couple factors are contributing to growth in the industry — a warming climate, and the lots of sunshine. While it’s colder than the usual places we think of wine, the hours of summer sunshine provided by the northern latitudes [...]

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News: North Dakota partners with O’Leary Ventures on direct investment program

Bismarck, ND — The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that the North Dakota Development Fund (NDDF) selected the nationally acclaimed generalist venture capital investment platform, O’Leary Ventures (OLV) as a partner to manage a $45 million direct investment program aimed at bolstering economic growth throughout the state. “North Dakota takes pride in being [...]

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Perspectives: Grand Forks School Board members discuss future of Central High School swimming pool

The Grand Forks school district is losing it’s home for Central High School swim teams, and they’re looking at a partnership with the Grand Forks Park District to solve the problem. The GF Park District is exploring development of a community aquatics center; the extension of a .75% sales tax is the proposed funding source. [...]

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News: North Dakota Milk Production Down from Last Year

North Dakota’s 14,000 head of milk cows represent about 1/10th of 1% of the 9.41 million head U.S. milk cow heard. Get the rest of the details on North Dakota’s milk production from News Dakota. It’s newsworthy information as the legislator contemplates loosening the restrictions on corporate farming. The decline in the number of dairy [...]

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Commentary: The Game Outdoor Enthusiasts Should Be Watching in January are the Legislators

Late January is sometimes considered a time when not much is going on in North Dakota’s outdoors. But this year with new boat registrations coming in and the state legislature in session, it’s a busy time at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Here’s a recap of a few news items from recent weeks [...]

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Perspectives: Residential chickens considered by East Grand Forks council

The East Grand Forks City Council has heard a request by a citizen to change its zoning ordinance to allow for backyard hens. The request was made in light of significant increases in the price of store-bought eggs. Meghan Arbegast with the Grand Forks Herald has the full story. And why does it matter in [...]

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Learn: Dollar Stores Are the ‘Fastest-Growing’ Food Retailers In US, Study Finds

Food is one of those items we all need. But in communities across the country, access to fresh, local grocery stores is increasingly difficult to find. The trend is measurable, and the food source making up the difference — dollar stores. The problem is, food at dollar stores don’t carry fresh food. The second problem [...]

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News: North Dakota Tourism Unveils 2023 Plan Along With 100-Year Anniversary Highway Map

Bismarck, ND — Gov. Doug Burgum along with North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism and Marketing Director Sara Otte Coleman and North Dakota Department of Transportation Division Director for Planning and Asset Management Director Scott Zainhofsky unveiled the new tourism and marketing campaign, and the 100th anniversary edition of the North Dakota state highway map [...]

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Perspectives: How a Country Embraced the River It Feared

Few places fight floods as well as the Netherlands, but when it comes to their flood defenses, it’s the ocean-side efforts that get the attention. Lesser known is the degree to which they are innovatively managing their inland flooding risk from the River Waal. While no two rivers and no two floods are exactly alike, [...]

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Perspectives: Mayors Across The U.S. Try to Cope With Pickleball Craze

In the last five years, a craze has taken hold of the country, and it has no tolerance for tennis courts. That craze is pickleball, and the growing popularity is squashing other racquet and paddle games with reckless abandon — so says Kery Murakami with Route Fifty. It’s also leading to economic opportunity, and that [...]

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