City of Grand Forks sells City-Owned Buildings

Buildings acquired by the City of Grand Forks and redeveloped following the 1997 flood are being sold back to the private sector. Among the reasons, the City of Grand Forks doesn’t want to be in the business of competing with private landlords. It’s an idea near and dear here in Minot as we’ve made many

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How did life form on Earth? One theory just acquired some evidence

It’s an age-old question, what ignited the building blocks of life? If you’re open to the idea that knowledge can be gained through rigorous testing, experimentation, and evaluating the results, then we may be be a step close to the answer. It turns out, minerals common in space rocks like ammonia and formaldehyde can convert

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Peak US oil production looming as the domestic shale boom ends?

What’s the future of oil production in North Dakota? There’s no shortage of opinions on the question, and when it’s so closely tied to politics, profits, livelihoods, and tax revenue, it’s tough to figure out who to trust. Maybe the best we can do is read all the perspectives and decide for ourselves. Here’s reporting

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The White House unveils a new system to track and better prevent opioid overdoses

Few, if any, communities in the country have escaped the scourge of opioid addiction. Minot is no exception. And those most impacted have begged and pleaded at all levels of government for more action. Well, the Federal government is stepping up in a role that will serve all communities – filling the data gap so

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West Fargo Overhauls Downtown Parking Laws

Like in Minot, West Fargo’s downtown renaissance is generating parking challenges. And like Minot, there are lots of opinions but little consensus between business owners and the City of West Fargo on how to address the challenges. For now, no limits on daytime parking, overnight parking is restricted to make room for snow removal.

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The Culture Wars are Here, and They Didn’t Spare the Schools

Race and racism, LGBTQ+, library books: they’re all hot-button cultural topics that evoke strong emotional responses, and often bad behavior by adults, as well. It’s created a hostile environment for our educators and many are sounding the alarm that if it doesn’t quit, they will. Get the full story from NPR.

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3-Class High School Basketball in ND?

Should high school basketball in North Dakota add a class? The idea to add a 3rd class comprised of schools with 180-575 students is working its way through the NDHSAA system and it appears to have more supporters than in the past. Get the full story at

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Trinity Hospital Costs & Completion Date Updated, Estimated Price Now Above $500 Million

In an internal exchange email sent this morning (included below) to employees of Trinity Health, hospital administrators released revised cost estimates of the new medical campus under construction in Southwest Minot. The project, which is now being managed by JE Dunn Construction, has been plagued by contractor turnover as well as a construction-stopping explosion in

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Minot City Council Agenda, August 17, 2020

Minot City Council will meet Monday, August 17th, 5:30 pm at City Hall to consider the agenda below. City Council meetings are open to the public or can be viewed on the City’s Youtube channel here or Facebook page here.

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The fall seasons for Minot State men’s and women’s athletic teams has been canceled. See the full news release from the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference below. — Official News Release — BURNSVILLE, Minn. – In light of the NCAA Board of Governors’ decision to direct all institutions and conferences to meet specific requirements to conduct fall

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Thursday, August 6 — A great day to head downtown in Minot!

Starting at about 5:00, Main Street in downtown Minot will be taken over by artists, food trucks, bounce houses, and fire throwers. It’s the first Thursday of the month and that means fun on the streets. Among those participating and organizing various activities are: Creative Night Out – bringing the arts and artists together on

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The North American ‘Amazon’ You’ve Never Heard Of—And Why It’s In Peril

Conservationists are sounding the alarm on enormous declines in bird populations — a loss of nearly 3 billion since the 1970s — and the key to turning the tide is an area as vital to North American as the Amazon is to South America. And it’s right here in North Dakota. It’s the prairie pothole

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