Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

There is no rage like a citizen who gets a parking ticket. In North Dakota, one of those citizens led a charge to eliminate a cities ability to price parking with parking meters. That political battle was fought decades ago; that citizen was successful and a law banning parking meters is still in place today.

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North Dakota legislative panel votes to give state treasurer larger pay boost

After the pay-freeze of the last biennium, salaries for state employees have been a big topic for the legislature this session. Among the topics under discussion, attempting to equalize salaries for top elected positions. John Hageman has the story on the debate that may see one elected official get a proportionally bigger raise in the

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Gov. Burgum signs bill for ND social services redesign

Historically, social services in North Dakota have been delivered by the counties. But moving forward, a regionalized system made up of 19 social service units will be the new norm. Governor Burgum signed Senate bill 2124 last week; the full news release is below. — Official News Release, Governor Burgum — BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug

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Bismarck hires two new coordinators to support Native American students

The transition from a reservation school — where administrators and teachers are more attuned to the particular challenges of native students — to a city school can be daunting. And in Bismarck, where native students make up ~9% of the enrollment, the School District is making an investment in helping these transitions and other challenges

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U.S. Said to End Iran Oil Waivers After May 2 Expiration

Nothing moved North Dakota’s economy over the last 10-years like oil development and even with the slow down of the past few years, energy still has a massive impact on our economy, our communities, and our government budgets.  All that makes us heavily dependent energy price fluctuations and those are prices that move on large,

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North Dakota oil patch and small district teachers earn more

The legislature took up the problem of North Dakota’s teacher shortage by easing teacher licensing requirements and there’s a potential state revenue to school district increase in conference committee. Teacher salary is another obvious tool in the teacher recruiting arsenal, and this report from the Grand Forks Herald shares some statewide comparison numbers as well

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Hey Minot, care about the plastic problem?

Once you see it, you’ll see it everywhere. I’m talking about plastic. Particularly single-use plastic and especially plastic bags. This time of year is especially troublesome because we’re forced to look at what’s been hiding under the snow all winter. And if you’re among those who can’t unsee it and think we should do something

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Bill allowing ND cities and counties to raise speed limit fines signed

Should local governments be forced to take a financial loss by pulling over a traffic violator? In other words, should the fine levied at least cover the costs of pulling over the individual? And is a $15 fine for going 40 mph in a 25 mph zone a deterrent? Those were the questions that informed

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