A Completion Date for Flood Protection?

The City of Minot’s Assistant City Attorney and Legislative Liasion, Shane Goettle, gave the City Council an update at Monday evening’s regular City Council meeting. Flood protection funding was the area of focus, and the message was as follows: Minot’s flood protection advocacy team has been working since the summer to tell our story, and the goal of the upcoming session will be to secure a state funding commitment that will see the project to an early completion.

The goal is to secure funding in the amount of $76.1 million every two years, or each of the next five biennial legislative sessions. If the Legislature can commit to that number, local funding can keep up with its required match, and the Souris River Joint Board, the project’s sponsoring entity can deliver the project to completion by 2035. That timeline is considerably faster than current completion estimates.

Additionally, Mr. Goettle provided an update on many of the issues he sees stacking up as key legislative topics including income tax revision, property tax relief through additional state funding of education, and pension reform for state employees.

Mr. Goettle’s and City Council’s comments can be watched below.


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