Proposed: Amended City Ordinance to Redefine ‘Weapon’

It’s illegal to discharge a weapon within the City of Minot, and a proposed ordinance will amend existing law to clarify the definition of ‘weapon’. Included in the new definition: bows and arrows and BB guns and Airsoft BB guns. Some question remains as to whether paintball guns also fit under the new definitions.

The proposed ordinance was passed out of the Public Works and Safety committee last week, the full City Council will take up the issue at this Monday’s meeting.

Here’s the language that was discussed at Public Works and Safety Committee:

Pursuant to discussion at the October 29, 2014 Public Works and Safety Committee, the Chief of Police and City Attorney’s Office reviewed current City ordinances and drafted proposed amendments to section 23-67 (Possession of certain weapons prohibited). Section 23-67 currently prohibits the possession of “weapons” (as defined in section 23-67) in certain locations within the City limits (public property; alcohol establishments; private property without consent). The proposed amendments to the ordinance change the definition of “weapon” to include, among other weapons, BB guns and bow and arrows. The proposed ordinance also prohibits the use, discharge, or activation of any “weapon” within the City limits; a number of exceptions exist including, but not limited to, use by law enforcement officers; use for defense of persons or property; use at an indoor firing range or supervised archery range; use during educational or safety class; use under a “special permit” approved by the chief of police or city council; and use during a sanctioned school activity. The maximum penalty for a violation of 23-67 is 30 days in the Ward County Jail and a $1,500 fine; the punishment section will not change under the proposed amendments. The proposed amendment also provides for a “special permit” for use of “weapons” at certain events in the city of Minot. The Chief of Police would be authorized to approve a special permit; those decisions would be appealable to the full City Council.

Here’s the link to police calls related to BB guns and weapons-related calls.



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