Are the Internet decks stacked against the Minot’s ‘shop local’ message?

Shop local! It’s the mantra preached, spoken, sung, by community-minded people across the world. It makes sense — dollars that stay have a bigger impact than those that drive away. And there’s plenty of evidence that suggests these small changes in behavior have big impacts on places.

But in a global market place where local businesses are competing against titans of retail like Amazon and Walmart, are the decks stacked against small business? A study out of the UK says yes — especially when it comes to search engine search results.

Get the full story from Forbes on why you’ll have to work harder to make sure you dollars count twice in Minot.

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Trevor Clawson, Forbes


Josh Wolsky

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One comment on “Are the Internet decks stacked against the Minot’s ‘shop local’ message?

Richard K Wilson Jr

Trust me I have tried to shop local after for the most part terrible customer service and things are rarely stocked I order everything I can off Amazon. The economy is changing look at places like the buckle I shop there because of how I am treated that place is fantastic. I just cant see how business owners will open their minds.

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