Attempted Kidnapping in Minot, Police Remind Joggers to Stay Aware of Surroundings

The Minot Police Department is warning joggers and walkers to stay aware of their surroundings following an attempted kidnapping in SE Minot on Thursday afternoon. Read the full news release below.

— Official News Release, Minot Police Department

On May 6th, a 27-year old female reported an incident that occurred on May 5th at 4:30 p.m. The female reported that she was jogging on the walking path on 37th Ave. SE in the area of 13th St. SE when she was approached by a black male who confronted her asking for a date. The male was approximately 20 years old, 5’9″ tall, muscular build, and short hair. The victim stated the male was persistent and in order to avoid confrontation, she continued jogging. When the victim got to the next intersection a newer make and model silver 4 door sedan with tinted windows and loud exhaust stopped at the intersection in front of her. The rear door of the vehicle opened and the male who had previously confronted her on the walking path attempted to push her into the vehicle. The victim stated a passerby arrived on scene and confronted the male and driver of the vehicle and she was able to escape. The male got into the back seat and the vehicle left the scene.

The Minot Police Department would like to warn joggers to be aware of their surroundings and to contact police immediately if a similar situation occurs. If anyone has information on this crime, they are encouraged to contact the Minot Police Department at 852-0111 or Crime Stoppers at 852-7463.

Josh Wolsky

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7 comments on “Attempted Kidnapping in Minot, Police Remind Joggers to Stay Aware of Surroundings

Darin Otto

Too bad she didn’t have a gun. So then she could have turned the table around. Killed them.. Or made them victims of their own doing. Minot says tinted windows are illegal. But I see nothing done. A couple of tickets here a couple of tickets their. it’s not the cops fault.. it’s DOT. Department of Transportation. They’re handing license plates out to each and every one of them.. Without asking if their windows are tinted. because they want their license plate money.. if your windows are tinted you don’t get a North Dakota license plate. You just continue to pay fines. help pay for the potholes in the roads thank you much. Either way I’m glad that woman made it home safe. As for a couple of women I know who have a permit To carry a firearm. And a few that don’t have a license to carry. They still carry. They’re not going to let a piece of paper.. Stop them from protecting themselves. Amen to them..

Michael Adams

Allow conceal carry for every non felon and we will stop this nonsense. you guys cant be everywhere. if these retards know that everyone is packing it will stop!!!!!

David McCammitt

Pretty sure the license plate was not tinted, true always be aware of your surroundings, however I am happy that someone helped this lady.

Amy Morse

Darin… That is the most stupidest comment about the Department of Transportation I’ve ever heard. Their job is to give you your license plates and vehicle titles. NOT inspect your vehicle. If a police pulls you over for tinted windows, it is THEIR job to give you the ticket and inform you of the laws. BY the way, tinted windows are not illegal. Each state has different laws when it comes to tinted windows. It is you as an adult to learn these rules before altering your vehicle to standards that exceed the law.

Jesse Maxson

Hopefully they find this guy. Even if these women have a permit to carry a gun I’m sure grabbing a pistol for a jog isn’t usually a persons first thought. Jogging shorts and lulu lemon sports top strapped with a 9 may be a bit uncomfortable:)
Enforcing Window tint seems like a good first step.

Cindy Cohrs

That’s was the same day I went out running but it was during the night when I went bc over by my house don’t have any traffic or speeding by house at night like we do durning the day but I was being followed that night when I was out running

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