Council Candidates Comment on the $74.3 million NDR Award

This week it’s questions five and six in our online City Council candidate’s forum. Below, you’ll find comments on question five relating to the $74.3 million National Disaster Resilience award.

Check out their answers below. To learn more about this forum, the introductions to the first week’s questions tell you a bit more about it, and you can also check out our City Council Election Headquarters.

Read the responses of all those who participated below. The election is Tuesday, June 13th. You’ll be choosing six members from among the nine candidates.

The City of Minot has signed a grant agreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the expenditure of $74.3 million of federal funds through the National Disaster Resilience Competition program. Assuming that HUD would be accepting of a change to the agreement, what, if anything, would you propose to change?

NDR Reference Document

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