Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

There is no rage like a citizen who gets a parking ticket. In North Dakota, one of those citizens led a charge to eliminate a cities ability to price parking with parking meters. That political battle was fought decades ago; that citizen was successful and a law banning parking meters is still in place today.

And in Michigan, a new battle is underway. Without parking meters, police often use a small chalk line on tires to indicate how long a car has been parked in a spot. Stay too long, and you’ll dance with the ticket issuer.

But that practice may also be coming to an end. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the citizen who made the argument that chalking tires constitutes an unreasonable search.

NPR has the full story, but rest assured you’ll be hearing more about parking if you follow TheMinotVoice.

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Matthew S. Schwartz, NPR


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