Environmental Policy Group Seeks Comments on Plastic Bag Usage and Community Impacts

The Minot Environmental Policy Group is looking for public comment on the use of plastic bags within the Minot community. The full news release from the group follows below.

— Official News Release, Minot Environmental Policy Group —

The Minot Environmental Policy Group is working to find ways to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in Minot.  Your input and comments are requested. Do you and your family use single-use plastic bags? How are they a positive or negative element of our community and our shared environment?  Do you have any suggestions on how our community can reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bags? Is there any other information regarding single-use plastic bags that you want other members of our community to know about?

No personal information (name, e-mail address, address, etc.) will be shared, but all comments will be compiled for future discussion and made available to businesses, organizations, and government as reference for this topic upon request.  All public comments can be sent to environmentminot@gmail.com.  The comment period will be open until July 31, 2018.  Thank you for your time.

The Minot Environmental Policy Group aims to engage the public in discussion regarding best practices of residents and the City of Minot in relation to our shared environment.  When appropriate and applicable, the Minot Environmental Policy Group hopes to make sensible, fiscally responsible suggestions to the City Council for review to make our community stronger, more resilient, and current with other communities on issues related to the environment.


Josh Wolsky

Editor and Publisher of TheMinotVoice, Developer of the #ForMinot Network,  Co-Host of #GoodTalk Minot, Advocate and Friend of the Souris River, Former City Alderman, and clearly -- all things #MakeMinot. Go ahead, don't wait for permission!

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